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2017, August Newsletter

Adrienne Way, President and CEO, Edcor
CEO Corner

Forever GI Bill and Year-round Pell Increase Opportunities

In spite of political differences, Congress recently passed two education-related bills that benefit everyone in one way or another. The “Forever GI Bill” and Year-round Pell Grants mean that many students will have resources available for their higher education on a timely basis. The opportunities these programs create show clearly that higher education is a national priority.

The Forever GI Bill removes the 15-year limit for veterans to use their GI Bill benefits after leaving service. The bill originally applied to service members who were discharged after January 1, 2018, but an amendment to House and Senate versions expanded the eligibility. The amendment eliminates the time limit for veterans who were discharged back to Jan 1, 2013.

This flexibility means that veterans can have financial help to start or complete their education when they finish active duty. The longer time-period also means that they can return to school to update skills later in life.

The Forever GI Bill increases education assistance eligibility for others who serve. More Reserve troops, National Guard, all Purple Heart recipients, and dependents of fallen service members are also eligible under this bill. Along with increasing the numbers of people who benefit, the bill provides for increased opportunities.

The Forever GI Bill expands people’s options for study and increasing their skills. Students will be able to pursue non-traditional educational experiences as well as undergraduate or graduate degrees. This bill allows funding for alternative education platforms, such as coding boot camps. Options like this create opportunities for students to quickly acquire skills that are in demand in today’s work place.

In addition to increased aid for military veterans, Congress has restored the Year-round Pell Grant. This helps students who enroll year-round, in consecutive semesters. Previously students did not have funding available for summer semesters, but “This bill would reinstate year-round Pell by allowing continuously enrolled students to receive more than one scheduled award in an award year. While still maintaining the 12-semester or equivalent limit, the bill would allow students to draw down from a “well” of Pell funds at their own pace.

Many non-traditional students want to complete their education as quickly as possible. They need to complete a degree for job advancement, upgrade their skills to be able to work with new technology, or find a better job to provide a more stable income for themselves and their families. The Year-round Pell Grant will provide the financial assistance many nontraditional students need to pursue their education on a continuous basis.

At first glance it might seem that these bills will help students, and they will. But looking further it becomes obvious that the total economy and social network of the United States can benefit from these programs. The title of a U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee report says it all: Education: The Foundation for Economic Success.

The report states, “The 21st century economy requires a skilled labor force – one that has a strong education and training pipeline that starts early on and continues throughout a person’s life, with off-ramps to careers and on-ramps back into education along the way.” The flexibility of the Forever GI Bill and Year-round Pell helps create the training pipeline that allows people to pursue education throughout their lifetimes, as they need the opportunities to acquire new skills.

American’s educational attainment has been increasing, but access to education and attainment levels are not equal across the population. This report emphasizes how important it is to strive for equity. “However, not all Americans have access to the education that allows them to succeed. There are sharp divisions in educational attainment by income level, race, ethnicity, and geography. When our education system leaves some behind, it produces divisions in our workforce and society that follow people through their lifetimes and into the next generation.” Programs such as the Forever GI Bill and Year- round Pell can help people strive for education and reduce the divisions in the workforce.

Adrienne Way, President & CEO



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Posted on August 10th, 2017 by Edcor School Network

American Public University System (APUS) announces program additions and accreditations that benefit students in multiple fields.

APUS Master of Public Health Program has been accredited for a five-year term by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), making it the first fully-online institution to have its program so recognized.

The interdisciplinary Master of Public Health program, instructed by experts in the field, is designed to prepare professionals to resolve complex health issues and enhance the well-being of communities in the U.S. and around the world. It seeks to develop and empower leaders in the public health workforce by closely aligning with academic-community partners and focusing on scientific, psychological, and sociological competencies that significantly impact public health policy and practices.

APUS is also answering the need for preeminent doctoral education for national security and intelligence professionals with the introduction of two highly-anticipated doctoral degrees in its flagship fields. Be part of the inaugural class and define the future of intelligence and global security education with a Doctor of Global Security (D.G.S.) or a Doctor of Strategic Intelligence (D.S.I.)

Come visit the New Edcor + Herzing University Landing Page at Learn more about the educational relationship with Edcor and the additional educational benefits that you and your immediate family are eligible for such as Tuition Reduction Scholarships. Experience firsthand how Herzing University supports adult learner goal achievement with the “4 Factors to Consider When Re-Enrolling in College,” in the Edcor Newsletter Articles of Interest Section, and complimentary skill development webinars. Explore more than 30 career-focused, undergraduate and graduate degree, diploma and certificate programs in business, healthcare, legal studies, nursing, public safety and technology. Discover Your Possibilities! Classes begin September 5th!

Indiana Wesleyan University has hired Kenneth (KC) Haight as the Director of Military and Veteran Recruitment. The retired 23-year U.S. Air Force senior NCO seeks to create the optimal environment for military students and veterans to flourish through earning their degree at IWU.

Up to 90 credits may transfer toward a Bachelor degree, including credits from a JST. Military tuition rates are available for enlisted service members and spouses. Currently, veterans without VA educational benefits receive a 10 percent tuition discount. “I am excited to build the military community at IWU,” Haight said. “My goal is to prepare our nations’ protectors for the day when their uniform comes off. I take great pride in that.”

Penn State World Campus has introduced a 30-credit online Master of Engineering in Additive Manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is redefining how components are designed, manufactured and certified. Building three-dimensional parts layer-by-layer using additive manufacturing gives engineers unprecedented design freedom to create lightweight structures, consolidate assemblies of components into a single 3D printed part, and functionally grade structures to improve performance. This is generating considerable interest in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, consumer goods, energy, medical, oil and gas, and space.

The program will integrate coursework across multiple engineering departments. Students enrolled in the online program will gain experience working with polymer as well as metallic additive manufacturing systems. They will be required to spend time working in Penn State’s state-of-the-art additive manufacturing laboratory, the Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D), as well as the Material Characterization Laboratory and the Factory for Advanced Manufacturing Education in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering.

The program will prepare students to apply foundational knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity in the uses of additive manufacturing.

For information about the new master’s degree and tuition reduction available to you, your spouse and legal dependents, visit Penn State World Campus Edcor website.

The University of St. Francis (USF) is pleased to become an educational partner with Edcor and its clients. Located in Joliet, Ill., USF offers online and on-campus programs in business, education, health care, management, nursing, social work and training and development.

Adult students who juggle work, family commitments and going back to school have a unique set of challenges. USF offers support for these challenges in the form of dedicated counselors and advisors, tutorials, a technology help desk and course credit for work experience.

USF is consistently top-ranked among the best universities on both regional and national levels. The university was recently recognized by MONEY magazine in its annual “Best Colleges for Your Money” list as among the top 30 private master’s institutions in the nation and the first in Illinois.

The University of St. Francis looks forward to working with Edcor and its clients. Visit to find out more about USF and its programs.

Strayer University is offering qualified students a laptop to help achieve their degree. Enroll at Strayer University and get a laptop, plus Microsoft software, at no charge.
o Access online courses and materials from anywhere.
o Avoid sharing a family or work computer.
o Never stand in long computer lab lines.
With a new laptop just for school, success is a little easier. Complete three quarters and the laptop is yours to keep. On us.
Ready to get started? Call an Admissions Officer at 866-432-6955 to learn more. Fall Classes Start October 2.

Provision of laptop available only to new and readmitted bachelor’s degree seeking students with at least 6 courses needed to complete their program enrolling in Fall 2017 quarter and subsequent quarters at any Strayer University campus or enrolled through Global Online. Students must complete three quarters within their first four quarters in order to keep the laptop. This offer does not apply to continuing students, Strayer University employees, or family members of such employees, and students receiving tuition assistance from Verizon or Verizon Wireless may only borrow and use the laptop subject to the terms of the Bachelor’s Laptop Verizon and Verizon Wireless Loaner Agreement. Students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program through Strayer@Work or Degrees@Work are not eligible for the program. Limitations for other Corporate sponsored programs students may also apply. Please contact your home campus or Strayer Online for more information. Only one laptop will be provided per student. In the event the laptop is broken, lost, stolen, or otherwise incapacitated, Strayer will not provide a replacement. Laptop opportunity is subject to change at any time. Complete details are available in the Bachelor’s Laptop Agreement or the Bachelor’s Laptop Verizon and Verizon Wireless Loaner Agreement, as applicable.

To help students better afford investing in their future through education, Western Governors University (WGU) is now offering 250 Smart Choice Scholarships—each valued at up to $2,000—$500 per six-month term for up to four terms.

Each Smart Choice Scholarship is open to new and enrolling students in any of the more than 60 bachelor's and master's degree programs offered at WGU. Applications are now being accepted for these scholarships through September 30, 2017. WGU is a nonprofit, competency-based university designed to help students make the smart choice in higher education.

Learn more about WGU's Smart Choice Scholarship at

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