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2018, March Newsletter

Adrienne Way, President and CEO, Edcor
CEO Corner

Tuition Assistance Raises Employee Engagement

Posted on March 12th, 2018 by Adrienne Way

Employee engagement and motivation are continually on the radar of business managers and owners. These issues also relate to employees’ highly personal goals and individual lives. They impact businesses productivity and profitability and influence employees’ job choices and work performance.

A Gallup report on employee engagement report shows that 18 percent of people are actively disengaged in their work and 67 percent are not engaged. This global cost of this lack of engagement is approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity. The 67 percent are the majority of the workforce. These are employees who simply show up to work and do their jobs. The report states, “They are not your worst performers, but they are indifferent to your organization. They give you their time, but not their best effort nor their best ideas. They likely come to work wanting to make a difference --- but nobody has ever asked them to use their strengths to make the organization better.”

Change that makes an organization better can happen when business leaders give their employees opportunities to use their strengths. University of San Diego professor Susan Fowler says, “Nobody wants to be bored or disengaged. People appreciate meaningful challenges. They want to contribute, feel fulfilled and grow and learn every day. No matter what their situation, their basic nature is the desire to thrive.”

A tuition assistance program is one of the best ways to help workers thrive and develop employee engagement. It is an opportunity for workers to develop the three needs that Fowler says people need to thrive at work: autonomy, relatedness, and competence.

A tuition assistance program that helps workers complete or continue their higher education develops people’s autonomy – to see that they have choices. Workers choose to take action, to advance their knowledge and skills. Tuition assistance can also help workers feel more autonomy regarding their jobs opportunities. Growth opportunities are extremely important to millennials who are a major part of the workforce. Gallup’s report How Millennials Want to Work and Live says that 59 percent of millennials say opportunities to learn and grow are extremely important to them.

Tuition assistance programs also satisfy people’s need for relatedness to thrive in the workplace. People need to relate, to feel connected to others and feel that they are contributing to something greater than themselves. These feelings directly build employee engagement. A tuition assistance program that gives workers a sense of where they fit into the overall company picture, and how their education will help them and the company flourish, is an avenue for building engagement. Aligning education goals, career goals and company goals develops workers’ connection to their jobs, motivates worker and increases employee engagement.

Developing competence is the third need Fowler says will help people thrive at work. Workers will thrive and be engaged when they feel competent and effective at meeting their everyday challenges. In an ever-changing workplace workers need tuition assistance programs that will create a sense that they can grow and increase their skills. The opportunity to demonstrate their skill growth and development will increase employee engagement and raise motivation. The SABA 2017 State of Employee Engagement Survey shows that when workers have access to education they are more connected to their jobs and engagement is higher. “Perhaps the biggest lesson learned from our 2017 State of Employee Engagement Survey is that in today’s modern world of work, employee demand for continuous professional development, accelerated career growth, and “always on” engagement is only getting stronger.”

Adrienne Way, President & CEO



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Online Master's Programs at Law Schools: Why Online Learning?

Posted on March 12th, 2018 by USC Gould School of Law

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Posted on March 12th, 2018 by Edcor School Network

U.S. News has again ranked Penn State as a top provider of online education. Once again Penn State received the most top-10 rankings of any institution in the country in U.S. News & World Report’s 2018 Best Online Programs.

Penn State World Campus ranked in the following categories:

• No. 4, online graduate engineering
• No. 5, online graduate business
• No. 7 (tie), online bachelor’s degrees
• No. 8 (tie), online graduate computer information technology
• No. 8 (tie), online graduate education
• No. 10, online MBA

U.S. News developed the rankings by weighing information provided by each institution about faculty credentials and training, student services and technology, student engagement and peer reputation. For graduate programs, U.S. News also considered admissions selectivity.

Penn State was one of the first universities to offer online programs, launching the World Campus in 1998. Today, Penn State offers more than 150 online degrees and certificates to more than 14,000 students from around the globe.

For information on the tuition reduction available to you, your spouse and legal dependents, visit Penn State World Campus Edcor website.

Strayer University is teaming up with living sports legend Joe Gibbs for a new program designed to optimize your ability to manage and lead teams to new heights of success. Introducing: Joe Gibbs Performance Management. Our program offers two ways to define your management style and optimize your leadership skills, both infused with story-driven content from Strayer Studios and personal lessons from Joe Gibbs himself.

This five-course concentration for our undergraduate BBA degree provides the leadership skills required of any high-performing team in any industry.

Our three-course graduate certificate is designed for professionals looking to build and refine the skills needed to lead high-performing teams.

For more information, please visit:

Trident University is proud to announce three new professional undergraduate certificate programs.
We are launching with a special Kick-off Scholarship in the amount of $4,700.00. This will be available to any student who enrolls and starts in any of the following programs in our March 26, 2018 session:

• Computerized Accounting Certificate - 6-month program: Program cost is $8,700; with the Kick- off Scholarship students will pay $4,000

• Computerized Accounting Diploma - 9-month program: Program cost is $11,800; with the Kick-off Scholarship students will pay $7,100

• Medical Billing and Coding- 12-month program: Program cost is $13,900; with the Kick-off Scholarship students will pay $9,200

To learn more about these and other programs visit or contact Esmeralda Silva at

The online undergraduate programs at Upper Iowa University (UIU) have been ranked highest in Iowa by U.S. News & World Report and in the top 30 percent of online bachelor degree programs nationwide. “UIU is honored that our online programs are continually recognized at the national level,” UIU President William R. Duffy II said. “UIU has provided online education for nearly two decades, and while attaining an Education Built for Life our graduates routinely achieve career success.”

UIU, a private, nonprofit university founded in 1857, provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs to about 5,800 students worldwide. In addition to a traditional campus in Fayette, Iowa, 25 education centers nationwide, as well as locations in Hong Kong and Malaysia, UIU provides maximum flexibility to undergraduate and graduate students through its online education.

“Whether a traditional college freshman or an adult learner, our award-winning online programming provides all students the opportunity to attend classes that best fit their life’s schedule,” UIU Vice President for Enrollment Management Kathy Franken said.

UIU offers students more than 40 majors to choose from, and all utilize a unique, flexible course schedule. Each academic year consists of five 8-week sessions and one accelerated 6-week summer session, so Upper Iowa students typically take fewer classes at a time.

The University of Southern California Gould School of Law is pleased to announce that we have established a partnership with Edcor to expand educational opportunities to Edcor client employees. Benefits for Edcor network participants include:

• Discounted tuition rate
• Personalized application support from our admissions advisors
• Individual academic advising and course registration assistance
• Flexible and convenient coursework
• Courses taught by our prominent faculty of scholars and practitioners

The Master of Studies in Law (MSL) programs enrolls candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in any field of study who wish to gain legal skills and knowledge that can be applied directly to advance their careers and serve their organizations.

The Master of Laws (LLM) program enrolls candidates who have a prior law degree from outside the U.S. and with to Learn more about the American legal system or specialized in a particular area of law.

Certificate programs in Business Law, compliance, and Entertainment Law & Industry enroll both lawyers and non-lawyers and can be completed alone or within one of our degree programs.

Contact us today at to discuss your future at USC Gould School of Law.

Ocean County College is proud to introduce Reggie. Ocean County College in Toms River NJ, launched Reginald (known to his friends as Reggie), a virtual assistant that utilizes chat-bot technology, in November 2017. Reggie uses augmented intelligence to have human-like conversations with students and potential students providing nudges and basic information via text message.

Always ahead of the game, Ocean County College is the first community college to use such technology to streamline communications and reach today’s students more efficiently and effectively! To date, Reggie has sent over 6,000 messages and has a 67 percent automation rate requiring less than 1 percent of messages to be forwarded to college staff.

Ocean County College will continue to use Reggie to assist and empower students to take advantage of technological foundations in order to complete their on-boarding processes online throughout the upcoming year.

For information on Ocean Online, visit or call 1-866-660-2108.

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