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2018, June Newsletter

Adrienne Way, President and CEO, Edcor
CEO Corner

Women in the Workforce: A Powerful Force for Growth

Women in the workforce have been a significant factor for change in business productivity, economic growth and education levels in the United States. Women’s participation in the workforce increased from 34 percent in 1950 to almost 57 percent in 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. “The increase of women in the paid workforce was arguably the most significant change in the economy in the past century,” says Amanda Weinstein, Economics professor at the University of Akron.

This increase of women in the workforce generates an increase in wages. Weinstein says that as the women’s share of the labor force increases by 10 percent, real wage growth increases by nearly 10 percent. This may happen because the labor market is more competitive with a larger pool of qualified applicants or because women provide skills and perspective that men don’t. Women in the labor market may help businesses better understand consumer needs since women control most spending of large and small consumer goods. Women control grocery, clothing and beauty purchases. They also make decisions in 94 percent of home furnishing purchases, 91 percent of homes, 60 percent of autos and 51 percent of consumer electronics.

The Council of Economic Advisors says that the economy is 13.5 percent larger, about $2 trillion, because of women’s increased participation in the labor force since 1970. “Essentially all of the income gains that middle-class American families have experienced since 1970 are due to the rise in women’s earnings.”

Along with increasing their participation in the workforce, women have also been attaining higher levels of education. In 1960, 49 percent of women ages 15-44 did not have a high school diploma. Today 61 percent of women that age have at least some college. Among married couples today it is common for women to have more education than the man. That fact, along with an increase in the number of single families headed by women, means women often are the primary support for a family.

However, recently the participation of women in the workforce has been declining. Women’s participation peaked at about 60 percent in 1999 has declined to about 57 percent presently. This is a contrast to other OECD countries where participation of women in the workforce is continuing to grow.

Keeping the participation of women in the workforce strong is key to improving business productivity and assuring that families have an income that allows them to be full participants in the economy. Without women in the workforce businesses lose valuable skills and perspectives that help them meet consumer demands. Without women in the workforce the U.S. is less able to compete on a global market and middle-class families have less security.

Women in the workforce are a powerful change agent for the U.S. Supporting women in the labor market with tuition assistance is one way employers can ensure that their employees have skills needed to grow in their positions and create a stable workforce. It is one way to business can be sure they have the best talent for business growth and development. Amanda Weinstein shows how important it is to keep the participation of women in the workforce high. “When fewer women participate in the labor force, the economy operates without the talents and abilities of 51 percent of the population.”

Jamie Merisotis of the Lumina Foundation spoke at SUNY Empire State College graduation about the importance of education. His address was for all graduates and it contains a strong message to women in the workforce who are also working to complete their higher education. It contains a message about why it is important for businesses to continue to support women as they seek higher education. “The degree you’ve earned benefits all of us. That’s because the power of learning will not only continue to change your life for the better, it will help ensure our collective success. The fact is, education – no matter when or where it takes place – changes people in remarkable and surprising ways. It sparks a fire. It makes us more open to experiences and ideas… more tolerant and understanding of others. It instills a desire to keep learning. It makes us better parents… employers… neighbors… and global citizens.”

Adrienne Way, President & CEO



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Posted on June 11th, 2018 by Kathleen Eischeid

Colorado State University-Global Campus (CSU-Global) has once again been granted approval by the Colorado State University System Board of Governors to keep its tuition rates steady for the upcoming academic year. With its May 2nd Board of Governors approval, CSU-Global will maintain its rates of $350 per undergraduate credit hour and $500 per graduate credit hour, marking the seventh consecutive year without an increase in costs to students.

CSU-Global also does not charge student fees and only charges on a per-credit-hour basis, offers the same tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state students, and has always offered a tuition guarantee to lock in a student’s tuition from the time they first enroll until they graduate. The university has not raised its rates since 2011.

“Our mission is to ensure all students have access to affordable, high quality, and career-relevant education that provides a real return on their investment,” said Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker, president and CEO of CSU-Global. “We take great pride in our ability to provide the highest value possible for modern learners who seek education from a fully accredited, state university that focuses on their unique needs.”

Visit or call 800-920-6723 for more information about CSU-Global’s tuition rates and available financing options.

Liberty University is offering special tuition rates and a new program for educators. Teachers are in a unique position. They get paid small salaries, for a lot of work, with the expectation of always continuing their education. Starting in the Fall 2018 semester, in an effort to make education more affordable for teachers and those desiring to become teachers, we have chosen to reduce our tuition rates for the Master of Arts in Teaching and the Master of Education degree programs to $415 per-credit hour (full-time). With the EDCOR discount, that brings the per-credit hour rate down to $352.75 (full-time). With each class being worth three credit hours, this means someone pursuing these degrees can take a class for as little as $1,058.25.

While we are very excited to announce these reduced rates for our education masters programs, we also want to make you aware of a new degree program that is available; our Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration – Educational Leadership. All of these degrees are available 100 percent online. If you have any questions about any of our programs or would like to speak with an admissions counselor, please call 1-800-424-9595 or visit On behalf of everyone at Liberty University, thank you to all teachers!

Regent University’s Institute for Cybersecurity hosted InfraGard’s Faith-Based Security & Safety Seminar May 16, for the local faith-based community. InfraGard is an FBI program, which grew from its Cleveland Field Office, as a way to support the organization’s growing interest and investigative efforts in the cyber world. Now it serves as a partnership between the FBI and the private sector, with 82 chapters located around the United States.

The seminar, titled “Prepare-Plan-Protect,” focused on providing local faith-based leaders with information to help develop and implement security programs and emergency action plans, deter threats and address risks. It featured speakers from Norfolk Fire-Rescue, Sentara Healthcare, Virginia Beach Police Department and the FBI Norfolk Division.

Regent College of Arts & Sciences principal lecturer, Stephen Webb, lectured on “Threat Considerations for Faith-Based Institutions.” “Partnering with the community and those organizations serving the people within those communities is one of the visions of Regent,” said Webb. “The mantra ‘Christian leadership to change the world’ is put into practical application when educators and university officials are able to share resources, facilities, personnel support, and other assets with which we’ve been blessed.”

USC Gould School of Law is offering a new online certificate designed for human resource professionals looking to advance in the field. The Human Resources Law & Compliance certificate is available this fall to both non-lawyers and lawyers interested in legal-related aspects of human resources. The program helps expand career opportunities for professionals pursuing employment- related issues in various employment settings. Applications are accepted year-round.

“The certificate, which focuses on human resources law and compliance, is ideal for human resource managers who handle negotiations, compliance managers who deal with risk management involving employees, and others in the human resources field,” said Deborah Call, Associate Dean and Chief Programs Officer of USC Gould’s Graduate and International Programs.

Coursework ranges from Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Compliance and Employment Discrimination Law to Employment Dispute Mediation, Human Resource Compliance and Regulatory Compliance.

The certificate may be earned in as few as nine months, and may be taken individually or in conjunction with the LLM or MSL degree as a specialization.

USC Gould’s online courses are delivered by many of the same accomplished faculty who earned the school a top-20 ranking among the U.S. News & World Report Best Law Schools. Online students have access to academic advising, student support, career development and bar exam preparation through the Graduate and International Programs Office.

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