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2016, December Newsletter

Adrienne Way, President and CEO, Edcor
CEO Corner

Women Leaders Advance Business

Cultivating women leaders in business is a strategy that will help U.S. businesses be profitable and maintain a leadership position in the global marketplace. Women leaders can strengthen the numbers and position of women in the workforce, an area where the U.S. is steadily falling behind other countries.

In 2000, 59.9 percent of women age 15/16 or older were in the labor force. By 2010, 58.6 percent of women in that age group were in the labor force and by 2015, the percentage of women in the workforce was 56.7 percent. This decline does not follow the pattern of the rest of the world. The U.S. used to have one of the highest labor force participation rates among women in this age group, but now it has one of the lowest rates compared with eight developed countries in the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis study Labor Force Participation: The U.S. and Its Peers. Developing women leaders can help reverse the trend of fewer women in the workforce and improve business performance.

Women are assets to problem solving

Women leaders create diversity in business. That diversity impacts decision making and problem solving in positive ways, by bringing multiple viewpoints and experiences into play. The MSCI report Women on Boards reports on studies showing that diversity leads to innovation and better decisions. Multiple views have advantages:

• One study use a mathematical model and found that groups of randomly selected problem solvers outperformed groups of high ability problem solvers. The diversity of the randomly selected group offset the expert group’s lack of problem solving diversity.
• Informational diversity improved performance. The more complicated a task that required interdependent work, the greater the positive effect of the diversity.
• Less-diverse groups were more confident about their decisions, however the diverse group decision were more often correct.

Perceptions of women leaders

An individual needs to exhibit certain characteristics to be a leader. The Pew study Women and Leadership reports that most Americans believe women and men are equal on some leadership traits such as intelligence and ability to innovate. In other traits, they believe women have the advantage in business:

• 64 percent of Americans believe women and men are equally honest and ethical, but 31 percent believe that women are more honest and ethical compared to 3 percent who believe that of men
• 66 percent of Americans believe women and men are equally good at mentoring employees, but 25 percent believe that women are better at this compared to 7 percent who believe that of men
• 64 percent believe women are more compassionate than men, compared to 2 percent who believe that of men
• 45 percent believe that women are more organized than men, compared to 4 percent who believe that of men

The American public has the perception that women have the necessary skills and traits to be good leaders in business. This perception shows an acceptance of women leaders in business.

Women leaders are prepared

Women who have leadership traits and aspire to leadership positions are women who understand the demands of the position.

Fewer women than men strive to become a CEO or have a senior management position: 45 percent of women compared to 54 percent of men. However, the women who seek these roles are as serious as men about it: 69 percent of women say they are extremely or very serious about obtaining such a role, compared to 68 percent of men. Women’s patterns of enrollment in school show their drive. Since the 1990s, women have outnumbered men in both college enrollment and college completion rates. And women are more likely than men to continue their education beyond college. The Pew study shows that:

• In 2013, 37% of women age 25-20 had at least a bachelor’s degree compared to 30% of men in that age group
• In 2013, 12% of women ages 25-34 had a master’s doctorate or professional degree compared to 8% of men in that age group
• In 2012, women earned 60% percent of all master’s degrees and 51% of all doctorates

Women leaders influence workplace engagement

Women leaders influence employee engagement in their jobs. The Gallup report Women in America states, “Engagement is the most important factor for empowering individuals, teams and organizations to perform with excellence.” There are concrete links between employee engagement and performance measures such as absenteeism, turnover rates, productivity and profit. The report shows that women in the U.S. are more engaged at work than men, and female managers are more engaged than male managers. Employees who work for a female manager are more engaged than employees who work for a male manager, and the most engaged employees are females who work for female managers.

Women leaders are important to business success. Businesses that encourage women to develop their leadership skills will reap the benefits of the increased diversity. Building strong working relationships with everyone in an organization and building those same relationships with client and corporate partners is something women do instinctively. Women bring a unique and diverse perspective to leadership of companies. This is something businesses are just beginning to tap into. Women lead by example. They inspire other employees by their engagement at work and dedication to continual education. It is important for women to feel that their work is important and matters, so they take their success and their business success very personally. Women can make a great impact in an organization when given the opportunity.

Adrienne Way, President & CEO



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APU Enhances Its Business Portfolio with New Programs

The School of Business at American Public University (APU) introduced seven new degree and certificate programs. These new undergraduate and graduate programs are designed to enhance your skills in business analytics, technical management and accounting.

Both the associate and bachelor’s degrees enhance the knowledge you gained through previous education and work experience in technical fields. The associate degree is designed to help you improve your knowledge in design and systems integration. The bachelor’s degree offers management training in the theories, concepts and practices necessary to organize, motivate and lead human capital. The certificate develops your expertise in the design, development and integration of business systems. READ MORE>>

Kent State Offers Two New GISc Concentrations

Geographic information science is changing the way our world works and lives. With an online Master of Geographic Information Science (GISc) from Kent State University, you’ll have the opportunity to explore geographic information technologies and improve the systems we rely on every day.

Now, we are pleased to announce two new GISc concentrations. In addition to the concentration in Environmental GISc, Kent State will now be offering the Master of Geographic Information Science with concentrations in CyberGIS and Health GISc.

To learn more about our online GISc programs, visit our website.

Liberty University will offer Interdisciplinary Studies MA

Beginning in January 2017, Liberty University will be offering an online Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program. This program allows graduate students to combine two different areas of study into one master’s degree program. With over twenty different subjects available for study, this program will prove to be a dynamic graduate program for an ever-changing world.

The program allows for 15 hours of transfer credit, and it is a 31-credit hour program. Because of this, it can be completed in a year, and transfer students may complete the program in as little as twelve weeks. The program will begin with an introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, and will end with a capstone course that will help students apply their interdisciplinary skills to the professional world. This program will equip students with the necessary values, knowledge, and skills essential to impacting their world, while simultaneously allowing them to participate in a flexible program designed around their interests and goals.

Carter Family Foundation Gifts $2 million endowment to Metropolitan State University

With a generous gift from the Carter Family Foundation, the Metropolitan State University Foundation will establish the Jason Carter Endowment in Science, memory of Jason Carter. This endowment will support scholarships awarded annually to Metropolitan State students who are studying natural science.

Jason was a student at Metropolitan State. He admired how hard his fellow students worked and the focus, drive and determination they demonstrated in their desire to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. Scholarship applications are now being accepted. The University Foundation expects to award Carter scholarships for the spring semester.

“Jason’s passion for learning and his valiant struggles with adversity will be commemorated in the lives of the many determined and deserving students whose dreams will be brought within reach by their receipt of a Carter scholarship,” Metropolitan State University Virginia Arthur said at the University Foundation’s annual Scholarship Celebration Breakfast, Nov. 3, at the Saint Paul Campus.

The endowment of $2 million is the largest donation to the Metropolitan State University Foundation and an indication of the growing support for Metropolitan State’s important mission. Metropolitan State University, a member of Minnesota State, is the Twin Cities’ public, urban, comprehensive state university providing master lifelong learning, and competitive academic and professional degree programs at the bachelor, and doctoral levels.

Penn State Adds New Online Graduate Certificate in Hospital and Health System Preparedness

Penn State expands its portfolio in homeland security with a 15-credit online graduate certificate focusing on how to ensure hospitals and medical care facilities stay functional during emergencies and disasters. Students will learn the ways to prepare hospitals for and respond to emergencies, such as mass-casualty events, floods, earthquakes, disease outbreaks or terrorist attacks.

The graduate certificate in hospital and health system preparedness is offered online and courses are taught by faculty from the Penn State College of Medicine. Students will learn how they can assess a hospital’s vulnerabilities, develop an emergency response plan and practice it through simulating disasters.

The 15 credits of this certificate can be applied toward the master’s degree in homeland security, public health preparedness option, for those who apply and are accepted into the master’s program.

For more information about the homeland security portfolio and the tuition reduction available to Edcor client employees, visit the Penn State World Campus Edcor website.

New Year’s Resolution: Earn a Certification at SLU’s Workforce Center

SLU‘s Workforce Center would like to invite you to make 2017 the year of professional development! Whether your New Year’s Resolution entails obtaining a Certification or learning a new skillset through one of our Certificate Programs, we have you covered!

Certification Courses Starting in January:
Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
CompTIA A+
CompTIA Linux+
ITIL Foundations

Certificate Programs Starting in January:
Cyber Security
Microsoft Office
Project Management

Does your team need a particular certification?
Contact us today about private, group training. Develop your learning plan and customize your group’s training date, time, location and delivery method by contacting one of our Corporate Relations Managers. And don’t forget, all EDCOR clients receive a 15% discount on all certifications and courses at SLU’s Workforce Center!

For more information on certifications, certificate programs, private group training or training courses, please visit or contact us at 314-977-3226 or

Accomplish New Year’s Resolutions at Trident

Trident University International can help in accomplishing your New Year’s educational goals, through bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs which can be completed 100 percent online. Selected as one of College Value Online’s “Fastest Online Degrees: 10 Best Values,” Trident allows working professionals to complete their degree in the least possible time. Additionally, Trident is pleased to offer Edcor members and their immediate family members up to a 26 percent tuition savings, waived application fees (bachelors & masters), and no-cost online books.

To learn more about these and other programs, visit or contact James Shiver at

WGU Named “Best Value School” for Third Consecutive Year

Nonprofit, competency-based Western Governors University is one of only 22 to make University Research and Review’s list.

For the third consecutive year, nonprofit, online Western Governors University (WGU) has been recognized by University Research & Review (UR&R) as a “Best Value School,” one of only 22 universities to receive the award this year.

According to UR&R’s founders, only institutions that provide a great value for their students are considered for the Best Value School Award. Awardees are chosen by a selection committee that includes academicians and entrepreneurs who consider nominees individually rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all metrics system.

Read more here.

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