Quality and Security

ISO 9001-2008

ASR_ANAB_logo_new_250Edcor sets very high standards to ensure quality for our valued clients. To provide the best customer satisfaction, Edcor adheres to ISO 9001 processes and procedures. Edcor was ISO 9001 registered in 2000 and has been continually recertified, most recently in June of 2008. Edcor ensures satisfaction in its products and processes by working with clients to define requirements, test final products, and achieve signoff on products upon implementation.

Edcor’s ISO 9001 certified processes significantly improve consistency, streamline processes, and enhance user satisfaction. We continuously strive to provide exceptional customer service throughout our entire relationship with a customer. Our customer service levels are consistent during processing peaks, and we have numerous predictive models to understand forecasted processing requirements. This allows us to proactively staff and meet customer service requirements. Our solution models and technology tools are scalable and flexible to support organizations that have unique support requirements and varying processing volumes.

SSAE-16 Type II

ssae16-250For many years, Edcor has been SSAE-16 Type II certified.  To maintain this status, we must follow stringent internal controls to ensure our systems are secure, reliable, and compliant with evolving regulatory mandates.  Edcor has extensive processes in place designed to safeguard employee data and to provide our Clients with accurate reporting.

The SSAE-16 is an internationally recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). An SSAE-16 Type II audit report, issued by an independent Public Accounting firm, will provide reliable assurances surrounding the effectiveness of our internal controls, and will help you meet Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 obligations.

Successfully completing a SSAE-16 Type II audit is a market differentiator that places Edcor in a very select group of service organizations who have adopted the highest standards in internal controls and industry best practices.

The SSAE-16 Type II audit is the new standard for evaluating the competence and caliber of service organizations.  Many companies now require the SSAE-16 as prerequisite before they will consider any service provider to administer their outsourced benefit programs.