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When we don’t hear from our employees on Education issues, we know Edcor is taking care of us.

Compensation & Benefits Manager, Calpine

After years of processing tuition reimbursement internally, Allergan transferred the program administration to Edcor in 2012. The electronic tracking has been extremely helpful, as well as alleviating the daily administrative burden of processing the paperwork manually. Our Account Manager is extremely responsive and we have been pleased with Edcor’s services overall.

-Allergan Benefits Department

We have been a client of Edcor’s for approximately five years, and are extremely satisfied with their service. Edcor has Customer Service Representatives and Account Executives that are truly committed to providing best in class service to our employees. Additionally, the entire Edcor team works very hard to ensure that our program runs smoothly, and if an issue is identified, it’s all hands on deck to resolve it. Selecting Edcor has alleviated a great deal of time and effort on our part.

Catherine Lisacchi, Education Benefit Coordinator University of Pennsylvania Health System

Edcor gets it right every time. No matter how we setup our plan or changes that we made mid-year, Edcor was able to make it work. Edcor does exactly what we pay them to do and more.

Benefits Department, Calpine

Our company chose to partner with Edcor to streamline the process, increase employee satisfaction with the program, and increase awareness of the Company talent development through metrics and analytics. As a result we have been able to successfully save money, time and resources.

Director, HR Operations, Best Buy, Inc.

Edcor provides a smooth user experience and provides our team members with 24/7 accessibility to manage all of their tuition needs. Edcor offers a service that meets all of our needs – accessibility, timeliness, and superior customer support via their website as well as their customer call center.

Manager, Organizational Effectiveness, Premier Provider of Hospitals and Healthcare Services

Edcor’s streamlined tuition reimbursement process and user friendly tools have helped to limit the need for our day-to-day administrative involvement in our Tuition Assistance Program. Their excellent customer service and responsiveness to the needs of our employees is the reason why we receive such great feedback from our employees on our Tuition Assistance program.

Jon Hillis, HR Rep, Health Insurance Industry Employer

Edcor has administered our Tuition Assistance Plan for almost 10 years. Over the years, the service level we have received has been excellent. Edcor has significantly reduced the number of employee issues that come our way.

Sr. Manager, Health & Welfare Benefits, Largest Privately-owned Global Enterprise Communications Company

Educational assistance had been managed in a decentralized environment, sometimes resulting in subjective eligibility decisions. New changes to our program reflect tremendous benefit to employees … benefits that will enable all eligible employees to take advantage of a renewed practice and consistent process. In an effort to improve quality, we began to investigate outsourcing the program’s administration. Edcor’s tuition assistance solution was the best fit for us based on their capability to provide excellent service, standardized processes, accurate and timely administration, automated convenience, and the ability to retrieve accurate data.

VP, Fortune 200 Power Management Company

Our company chose Edcor and began immediately to expand beyond the traditional view of tuition solely as a benefit by focusing upon how these programs could be developed into powerful recruitment and retention tools, particularly through the company’s widely recognized tuition program. We are a recruit-from-within company that takes its tuition programs seriously. Since 1997, the company has invested heavily, touching nearly 200,000 employees. None of this would have been possible without a standard systems-based platform administered by Edcor.

Fortune 50 Transportation and Logistics Company