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Student Loan Repayment Assistance is Important to a Comprehensive TAP

Businesses face many workforce problems. Among them are stressed employees, problems recruiting workers, and challenges retaining qualified employees. A business that differentiates itself with a student loan repayment program is a business that is meeting these problems head on. Student loan debt isn’t the only cause of the personnel issues, but for many people there is a correlation. Student loan debt in the United States reached $1.5 trillion in 2018. More than two-thirds of 2015 graduates had debt, averaging $35,000. Almost one in five adults has student debt, and the ...


Women in STEM Create Value for Business

The relatively low number of women in STEM careers is an issue that would seem to primarily affect women. In reality, not only does it impact women, it is an issue that impacts business and the whole economy. The Problem: Women are underrepresented in science and engineering jobs. Women make up 47 percent of the overall workforce but hold only 28 percent of the STEM jobs and 12 percent of engineering jobs. Many business leaders understand the effects this gender imbalance can create. The World Economic ...


Physical Exercise and Academic Success are Linked

Physical exercise and academic success are common topics for New Year's resolutions. However, this is the time of year when many New Year’s resolutions, especially those pertaining to physical fitness, are abandoned. With work, family and school responsibilities it already seems like there is too much to schedule into the short winter days. It’s important to get the most out of every minute. But that is exactly why it’s important to lace up the sneakers and head out for a walk or off to the gym. There is evidence of a strong ...


Loan Repayment Builds Company and Employment Brand

Building a strong company brand requires a good product or service. It also requires qualified employees that can deliver. To attract qualified employees a business needs an employment brand that is as strong as its company brand; it develops this strong employment brand by meeting its employees’ needs. A strong company brand equals a strong share of the marketplace. However, companies often come up short when it comes to delivering on their brand promise, and this has a direct impact on client and customer engagement. Loyal customers are an asset ...


Adult Promise Programs and TAP Help Completion Efforts

Adult Promise Programs are relatively new in higher education. Until recently most promise programs have focused on providing financial aid for traditional age college students. New Adult Promise Programs are focusing on adult higher education students for a very important reason. Adult students are a group that can help increase completion rates in the United States. Adults who have some college but haven’t attained a degree are a promising population for completing a degree or certification. Lumina Foundation developed its Adult Promise initiative as part of Lumina’s goal to ...


Educating Veteran and Active-duty Military Students

Each November we honor veterans who have served our country, and it is fitting that we also honor our active-duty military and reserves. One effective way to honor them is to support veteran and active-duty military students with programs that help them achieve higher education completion. Men and women who have served and are serving our country, have discipline and determination – two characteristics that help them become successful students after, and often during, their military services. There are an increasing number of veteran and active-duty military higher education students. These students ...


Cybersecurity Professionals Needed, Now!

For most people, cybersecurity isn’t the first thing on their mind in the morning. But on a typical day, a person might pay at the pump for gas, Google the best route home, order a birthday gift online, and catch-up with friends on Facebook. Normal daily life puts our activities, whereabouts and financial information out into the cyberworld. Our doctors send prescriptions to the pharmacist at a store or online, we stop at traffic lights that are controlled by computers, and at work our computers talk to other computers. Our ...


Arts in Education Creates Multiple Benefits

September 9-15 is National Arts in Education Week. This week is designated to highlight the role arts education plays “producing engaged, successful, and college- and career-ready students.” Becoming career-ready is a complex process. Employers want employees who have communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills. They want employees who show creativity, can work in teams and can solve problems. Arts education develops these important traits. The National Association of Colleges and Employers says that the ability to work well on teams, decisive problem solving, and effective communication are employers’ top ...


Tuition Assistance Offers Help for Non-Completers

When students enroll in higher education there are a variety of advantages that they could reasonably expect to come with their degree completion: higher wages, benefits, and stable employment. They might also find themselves being a more engaged citizen, experiencing better health and having longer life expectancy. Higher education non-completers, those who don’t complete their degree, don’t realize these benefits. And they also have an additional burden: student debt they are not managing to pay. Nontraditional students make up about 25 percent of the 2010 cohort of higher education students. ...


Studies Show Link Between Exercise and Academic Success

The summer sun and bright colors are a perfect invitation for you to spend time outdoors – to jog, walk, bike or swim. Or, if workout routines, machines and trainers are more inviting for you, schedule some time at your favorite gym. Time spent in physical activity is time well invested in your success as a higher education student. While it might seems like you have too much to do with work, family and school responsibilities to manage, exercise could be the key to handling all these responsibilities successfully. Many ...