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Tuition Assistance Raises Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and motivation are continually on the radar of business managers and owners. These issues also relate to employees’ highly personal goals and individual lives. They impact businesses productivity and profitability and influence employees’ job choices and work performance. A Gallup report on employee engagement report shows that 18 percent of people are actively disengaged in their work and 67 percent are not engaged. This global cost of this lack of engagement is approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity. The 67 percent are the majority of the workforce. These are employees who simply show up ...


Motivation for Higher Education Leads to Prosperity

The primary motivation among adult students pursuing higher education is future job and career advancement. The diverse, nontraditional student population is largely focused on finding ways to achieve more in their careers, in spite of whatever obstacles they may face. The Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Survey Why Higher Ed? examined the motivation of more than 86,000 U.S. adults who had made the choice to pursue higher education. Far and away job and career outcomes were the highest motivating factors in all educational, gender and racial demographic groups. Fifty-eight percent of people cited ...


Education Leaders Forecast the Future of Higher Education

Forecasting the future of anything is like playing a game of chance. What’s coming next is hard to picture. However, the future of higher education closely follows the development and expansion of technology. According to higher education experts, technology will be a major influence. Think about the use of technology in our daily lives: • Look back 20 years: Only 3.67 percent of people used mobile phone service; the internet was just getting started and had about 119 million users. • Look at the present: It’s a different world. At the ...


Employee Satisfaction Creates Engaged Employees

This is the time of year for spreading good will and happiness. Creating a culture of employee satisfaction is the best way for this to happen in business. And the best part of all is that when employee satisfaction is high, both employees and businesses benefit. High employee satisfaction creates a positive culture in your business, a culture that is rewarding for all stake holders. The Science of Happiness report by Globoforce, a company that specializes in workplace culture, explains. In their report they compare employees who are most and ...


Student Veterans are a National Asset

United States veterans, transitioning from an active military role to civilian life, may find that as student veterans they are in a position to lead our country on another front: the charge to educate more citizens, to increase the number of citizens with post-secondary education, and fill workforce skill gaps. Student veterans have characteristics that can make them successful as they pursue higher education and civilian careers. “In addition to their unique experiences, veterans have a specific set of skills, learned through military service. When these skills and experiences are coupled with formal ...


Edcor Earns Awards for Tuition Assistance Benefits

Edcor is very pleased to announce that we have received two awards that reflect the service we give our clients and the importance of the tuition assistance programs we develop and administer for them. Edcor has received the Silver Award for Excellence in Partnership, part of Chief Learning Officer Learning in Practice Awards. These awards recognize learning leaders and provider companies who demonstrate excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs. As a tuition benefits provider, Edcor develops and administers tuition assistance programs that help our clients develop their ...


Goal Setting Leads to Success

The start of the new school year brings time management and achievement challenges for busy adults. Effective goal setting can make the difference between successful progress and being overwhelmed by all the responsibility. The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) report Using Goals to Motivate College Students: Theory and Evidence from Field Experiments says that goal setting can act as an effective “internal commitment device for students.” A self-set goal allows students to control how and when they complete it. The report distinguished between performance goals and task-based ...


Forever GI Bill and Year-round Pell Increase Opportunities

In spite of political differences, Congress recently passed two education-related bills that benefit everyone in one way or another. The “Forever GI Bill” and Year-round Pell Grants mean that many students will have resources available for their higher education on a timely basis. The opportunities these programs create show clearly that higher education is a national priority. The Forever GI Bill removes the 15-year limit for veterans to use their GI Bill benefits after leaving service. The bill originally applied to service members who were discharged after January 1, 2018, but ...


Nontraditional Students’ Needs Impact Enrollment Decisions

The need for new skills in the workplace is creating a change in higher education. Many American workers are enrolling in post-secondary education to earn a certificate, complete a degree, or learn new skills that are required for today’s jobs. These workers’ enrollments are creating a higher education population that makes education choices based on specific needs. According to the National Center of Education Statistics about 20.5 million students attend higher education each year. Of these students: • I in 5 is at least 30 year old • 2 in 5 attend community ...


Nontraditional Student Strengths Spell Success

For anyone who has concerns about going back to school – stop worrying. As a nontraditional student you have strengths and advantages that will help you be successful. You’ve had a lot of experience, taken on responsibilities, been solving your own problems for quite some time, and you probably have clearly defined goals. Of course, nontraditional students have conflicts. Often they have dependent family members and job responsibilities, but the advantages of pursuing higher education as a nontraditional students can outweigh the conflicts. Nontraditional students will find themselves ...