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Find your Motivation for Success

It is important for adult learners to develop their own motivation for success. Motivation is the key to adult learner success. Today adults pursue higher education for a variety of reasons. Maybe technology has changed their job and they need new to skills to keep up. Perhaps they want to advance to a new level in their career. Or possibly they want to complete a degree they started many years ago. ReUp Education, an organization that focuses on helping higher education institutions serve students who have stopped out, says that 39 ...


A Career Map Gives Clear Directions

Today, more than ever, it is important for people to have a clear career map as they embark on their education and careers. People have hundreds of occupations to choose from, to say nothing of the predictions that in a couple of decades people will work in jobs that haven’t even been created yet. Starting out without a career map is like heading into unknown territory without a GPS or road map. Career pathways: Five Ways to Connect College and Careers from Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce points out that technology ...


TAP Meets Higher Education Costs

Paying higher education costs is no easy feat. High tuition, the cost of books and materials, fees and other charges often make it difficult for students to complete their education. This is especially true for nontraditional students who might find themselves locked out of scholarship and loan programs geared more toward traditional age students. One source of help for nontraditional students to address higher education costs is an employer tuition assistance program. The Education Commission of the States (ECS) outlines principles of good financial aid programs; it is easy to see how ...


Workers Need Both Hard and Soft Skills to Work with AI and Robots

What will it take to be ready to work with AI and robots in the future? The answers to this question are really important for today’s kindergartners. They will graduate from high school in 2030, the year when futurists estimate that up to 85 percent of the world’s work will be in jobs that haven’t been invented yet. We don’t even have to look that far ahead. Workers already face demands for new skills as they move towards 2030. Analysts and futurists have ideas about skills and education that today’s ...


On-going Higher Education Trends

January is like turning the page to the next chapter of a book. Reflecting on past events and predicting what will happen next is part of the experience. The same process happens with higher education trends. As a new year starts, thought leaders weigh in on higher education trends and predict how past events will impact what happens next. A few recent higher education trends are closely related: today’s students, lifelong learning, and the need to prepare artificial intelligence in the workplace. Today’s students are often the workers who discover ...


Student Loan Assistance Can Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one area where employers and employees have a symbiotic relationship. What benefits employees, truly benefits their employers when it comes to engagement. However, about 31 percent of businesses see employee engagement as one of their fop five challenges, according to the 2018 SHRM GLOBOFORCE Employee Recognition Survey: Employee Experience as a Business Driver. As many as 51 percent of the US workforce in not engaged, according to the 2015 Gallup Employee Engagement survey. As many as 17.2 percent of workers are ...


Student Loan Repayment: A Cutting Edge Benefit to Recruit Top Talent

The need to recruit qualified workers is both a top priority and a competitive challenge for businesses today. There is a shortage of highly qualified workers and studies project that this shortage will grow. The Recovery 2020 report from Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce shows that in the near future: • 65 percent of job vacancies will require some postsecondary education and training • 6 million jobs will require a graduate degree • 13 million jobs will require a baccalaureate degree • 7 million jobs will require an associate’s degree • 5 million ...


One Value of Education is its Impact on Career Progress

Business leaders, educators, policy makers and the general public each have ideas about the value of college education. They may disagree about the value in terms of cost or the final “product” that is produced. Looking at a college education in multiple ways sheds light on its value. The value of education isn’t just to have a degree as an end-product. One value of education is how it relates to workers’ position in the workplace and career progress. The American Association of College and Universities (AACU) reports in


Student Loan Assistance Meets Employer and Employee Needs

The days when employee benefits were health insurance and paid vacation are just a memory. Today businesses offer a wide range of benefits, many that have two important functions: to meet employees’ needs and to differentiate the company from others. A benefit that falls into this category is student loan assistance. Student loan assistance, one of the newest benefits employers offer, helps businesses meet many management and personnel challenges. At the same time it fills the needs of many employees and makes their company a satisfying place to work. ...


Ready to take on Higher Education Completion

Higher education completion is an achievement, a goal or a challenge, depending on a person’s position. People who have achieved this goal are in position to have better job opportunities and greater security than those who have not. For those with some college but no degree there are reasons to look ahead and make college completion part of their game plan. There is a large population of people who have tried but not completed higher education. The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center estimated that during the past 20 years more than 30 ...