Edcor Earns Awards for Tuition Assistance Benefits

Edcor is very pleased to announce that we have received two awards that reflect the service we give our clients and the importance of the tuition assistance programs we develop and administer for them.

Edcor has received the Silver Award for Excellence in Partnership, part of Chief Learning Officer Learning in Practice Awards. These awards recognize learning leaders and provider companies who demonstrate excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs. As a tuition benefits provider, Edcor develops and administers tuition assistance programs that help our clients develop their workforce.

We are also pleased to announce that Inc. has recognized Edcor as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States, earning the position of 3810 on the 2017 Inc. 5000. Edcor experienced a 77 percent growth during a three-year period when economy grew just 6.7 percent. For 36 years Inc. has been recognizing companies such as Edcor whose rapid growth signifies its position as a leader in the education benefits industry.

Edcor’s rapid growth and our position as a leading partner for businesses are results of the highly individualized service we provide each of our Fortune 1000 clients. Edcor, a woman-owned business, is the benchmark in education benefits administration. Since 1981, our customized service and solutions have allowed Clients to use education benefits programs for employee recruiting, retention and development.

Both of these awards demonstrate how important tuition assistance is in business today. Businesses need qualified workers who have the education and know-how to work with newest technology and the ability to adapt as even more new technology is developed. The World Economic Forum Global Human Capital Report 2017, Preparing people for the future of work, talks about these workers and their education as “human capital.” The report defines human capital as “the knowledge and skills people possess that enable them to create value in the global economic system,” and says that this human capital is a key factor for growth, development and competitiveness.

At Edcor, we recognize the importance of tuition assistance benefits in helping businesses increase their human capital so they can grow, develop and be competitive. However, tuition assistance has an even greater impact.

The individuals who are seeking higher education will be affected in their personal lives, their careers and as part of the society they live in. Postsecondary attainment gives people better chances of being employed and earning higher incomes to support and care for their families. People with postsecondary attainment generally are healthier and more engaged in their communities.

In addition to businesses and individuals, political, social and government organizations benefit from engaged participants. The World Economic Forum report states, ”All of these entities have a stake in human capital development, whether their primary goal is to power their businesses, strengthen their communities or create a population that is better able to contribute to and share in the rewards of growth and prosperity.”

At Edcor we are at the root of human capital development, helping businesses offer tuition assistance that can help employees attain the higher education that is increasingly important. Our clients are able to build a workforce that is resilient, adaptable and prepared for future challenges.

We are very pleased to be recognized by Chief Learning Officer and Inc. Edcor’s growth and recognition as a leader in education partnerships reaffirm how important it is for America’s businesses to support employee growth, training and lifelong education with tuition assistance. When we help our Clients develop their tuition assistance programs, as well as other services, we are helping them develop workers that are prepared for the future, remain globally competitive, and build strong communities.