Here’s What You Need To Be A Great Manager

By Karl McDonnell, Chief Executive Officer at Strayer Education, Inc.

Being a successful manager is not an easy task. It requires many skills: leadership, organization, foresight, and patience. However, I believe that one of the most important qualities for a business leader to have is curiosity.

Curiosity is key in any leadership role. First of all, it’s nearly impossible to successfully manage people below you if you don’t understand their roles or what they do within the organization. Successful leaders are curious. They learn about different parts of the business and how their team fits in.

They are also curious about their chosen industry. With innovation proliferating through every industry, organizations must not only function well in the world today, they must be able to operate and generate profits tomorrow. Leaders who are curious about the world and where their industry is going are more likely to anticipate industry shifts and trends.

Curiosity can also spark creativity. People who are curious will come up with more creative solutions to problems. They are also generally interested in other, potentially different but more efficient ways to solve a problem.

Maintaining a baseline level of curiosity is key because it allows you to open your mind and absorb more of the world around you. As you approach work, try to question things around you and learn more about things you may not have thought about before. In the long term it will serve you well.