How MBA Concentrations Prepare You For Rewarding Jobs in New Jersey and New York

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Those who live in the New York City metropolitan area and northern New Jersey find themselves in one of the largest, most vibrant areas of the world. Among the many advantages are a quality college education and a vast number of jobs across many fields.

Even in this competitive part of the world, those who earn an MBA gives themselves an edge over the competition in earning leadership positions, both with large organizations and consulting agencies. Some schools now offer concentrations in specific industries to give MBA students even more of an edge.

Where can these degrees take you? The following are four examples of potential jobs in New York City and New Jersey, all of which show potential for big growth in the coming years.

All the job projection numbers and salaries come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The numbers for New York and New Jersey come from Projections Central, which breaks down job numbers from the BLS for individual states.

Human Resources Director
By concentrating in resource management, MBA students learn the latest theories, tools and techniques in talent acquisition, retention and development. Many human resources managers, especially those with the business skills learned in an MBA program, take on a more strategic role by working with executives in developing an organization’s workforce.

New Jersey pays the highest mean annual salary for human resource managers at $162,540. The New York-New Jersey metropolitan area employs the highest number of human resource managers in the country – almost 9,000 – with a mean annual salary of $150,550

In New Jersey, growth in the field is projected at 8.5 percent through 2026. In New York, that number is 12.5 percent.

Management Analyst
This is a job that an MBA with a concentration on business analytics can prepare you to handle. Most management analysts work as consultants and are brought in to evaluate an organization’s current operation, which involves data analysis. They then make recommendations on improving an organization’s effectiveness and efficiency, while also finding ways to improve the products and services they offer.

It’s a growing field as companies look for someone to evaluate their operations from the outside. The New York-New Jersey metropolitan area employs the most management analysts in the country outside of Washington. D.C., with more than 35,000 people in the field. The mean annual salary in the area is $113,780

In New Jersey, the number of management analysts is expected to increase 11.2 percentby 2026. In New York, that number is 18.1 percent.

Project Manager
Project management is one of the fastest growing fields in the country and around the world. Project managers oversee project teams, ensuring that a project comes in on time, within budget and meets the original business goal.

The BLS does not yet track project managers as an individual profession. However, the Project Management Institute projects that, worldwide, the number of project management-related jobs will grow 33 percent. That translates into creation of almost 22 million new jobs.

Given its status as a global cultural, financial and business center, the New York-New Jersey area will undoubtedly see huge growth in this profession. Those who earn an MBA with a concentration in project management position themselves for success in this expanding field.

Marketing Manager
With a concentration on digital marketing or marketing, MBA graduates learn the skills needed to take on leadership positions in a marketing department. MBA graduates may also choose to work as consultants with companies that wish to hire outside experts to oversee marketing campaigns.

New York City and New Jersey are hotbeds for marketing jobs. The New York-New Jersey metropolitan area employs the most marketing managers in the country, with more than 17,300 positions. The mean annual salary in the area is $195,390, the highest in the country. In New Jersey, a 9.9 percent increase in marketing manager jobs is projected through 2026. In New York, that number is 13.1 percent.

This is just a sample of the many career fields available for MBA students who choose to concentrate on specific professions. For those who plan to live and work in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area, the degree can open the door to some of the most challenging, rewarding jobs in the nation.

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