A New Playbook for Higher Education

Provided by Colorado State University Global

At a time when college tuition increases are outpacing inflation, and 80 percent of Americans agree that colleges and universities need to change dramatically to meet the needs of modern learners (Gallup), Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker, president and CEO of Colorado State University-Global Campus (CSU-Global), has entered the conversation with a new book, offering her university’s roadmap as a new model for higher education.

Impacting the Future of Higher Education: Insight into a New Model that Works for Students, Academic Institutions and America, offers lessons learned and strategies deployed during Takeda-Tinker’s tenure at CSU-Global.

In her insightful book, Takeda-Tinker throws open the CSU-Global playbook. She defines the university’s online model for nontraditional students, most of whom work and support families while attending school. Takeda-Tinker examines nontraditional students’ need to access classes anytime, from anywhere, while receiving a high-quality, affordable education that provides a measurable return on investment.

Educating these students is not only critical to the success of CSU-Global, but to the success of the nation, argues Takeda-Tinker. Takeda-Tinker notes the urgent need to help these students complete degrees if our nation wants to maintain its competitive advantage in a global marketplace, and revive a healthy middle class. “So much rides on our educational system – the lives of millions of people and their families,” she says. “For them, and for our country, we need higher education, but we also need institutions that provide alternatives to the traditional Ivy League and research university models to successfully address the diversity of modern learners and their individual goals.”

Takeda-Tinker lays out these strategies, developed at CSU-Global, and demonstrates how they could transform other institutions:
• Offer degree programs with current and future job growth.
• Inform students about the salaries of specific degrees and the realities of market demands.
• Acquire faculty with appropriate academic credentials and industry experience to provide students with practical, real-world insight and advice on workplace requirements.
• Measure student success against academic and real-world outcomes such as assessments of student learning, salary outcomes, and employer feedback.
• Offer options for competency-based credit programs, as well as transfer credit opportunities.
Lock in tuition rates for the length of students’ programs.
• Make the education process transparent and intuitive to facilitate student focus on academics.
Offer intensive student support: 24/7 live tutoring, technical support, library and career center access, and career coaching.

Takeda-Tinker says, “CSU-Global has demonstrated that its non-traditional model can successfully serve students. I hope that it will be seen as a positive contributor towards the next era of higher education.

About Becky Takeda-Tinker:
CSU-Global President and CEO Becky Takeda-Tinker Ph.D. is a published scholar with an expertise in finance, leadership, and business management research studies. She holds a Ph.D. in organization and management, with a specialization in leadership, from Capella University, a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from Santa Clara University, a postgraduate certificate in marketing management from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of California, Los Angeles.