The RedFlint™ Experience Center Satisfies Business Needs

By Ruth Veloria

Today’s startups and entrepreneurs are rapidly changing the way we think about business culture[i]. With nimble, innovative approaches to technology adoption and product development and delivery, these cutting-edge companies are boosting local and national economies and inspiring the next generation of dreamers.

We live during a time when the entrepreneurial spirit is well represented with the numbers of new ventures on an upward trend since 2010[ii]. Entrepreneurs not only play a critical role in the economy, but they are often the driving force for innovation in these critical industries[iii]. In fact, what our industry advisory council members tell us, is that many big businesses today are trying to capture the entrepreneurial spirit in their own organizations and are looking to startups and entrepreneurs for inspiration.

Ideas are currency in the modern business environment, and the increasingly synergetic relationship between business and technology has led University of Phoenix to launch the RedFlint™ Experience Center in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas[iv]. We identified a pressing need for students, the public, startups and entrepreneurs to be surrounded by latest technologies, data analytics and digital marketing tools to keep pace with the unprecedented pace of change today. RedFlint™ is our answer.

Since its grand opening in October of 2016, the RedFlint™ Experience Center’s ecosystem for innovation hopes to jump start the next big idea, while encouraging businesses of all sizes to come in and connect with the dreamers and doers in their community. The Center works to satisfy the needs of the entire business spectrum, using real problems facing communities and businesses to help entrepreneurs and today’s workforce cultivate the creative thinking needed to grow.

University of Phoenix, through RedFlint™, plans to inspire individuals well beyond Las Vegas, and we expect innovation from the Center, to ultimately help innovate business curriculum and higher education.

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About the Author:
Ruth Veloria is the executive dean of University of Phoenix School of Business and a former senior executive with more than 20 years of experience in addressing business issues and opportunities.
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