RMU’s Study Abroad Program Opens a World of Opportunities for Students

Provided by Robert Morris University Illinois

Robert Morris University students who have studied in France, Germany, Taiwan, Italy and England have shared their experiences with other Robert Morris University Illinois students who are considering studying abroad. Dean of Professional Arts Shelley LaMantia and faculty advisor Robert Tenuta, along with other faculty, have conducted programs in the professional studies (art, culinary) programs and the business administration program, respectively.

Students who have taken advantage of the University’s Study Abroad Program commented on how living and studying in a different country changed their lives in many ways. “I knew I was going to do this,” explained one student. “I had only experienced life in my own town, my own state. I wanted to go to another country and learn in a different setting. I was all in once I decided.” Another student approached the cost very carefully: “I started saving for the program early and in two years I had the money I needed,” she said. Others took out loans or received assistance from family members.

Another added, “The living arrangements, food, tours and other extras that are included – in addition to the travel and tuition expenses – add such value to the programs. If you were traveling to Europe on a vacation, you would pay for an added tour, such as Normandy in France. That alone might be equal to the entire cost of our program. It is worth every penny.”

“I figure that you are there to experience everything you can about the country,” said a business student. “So I took advantage of eating out often and seeing everything I could.”

“When students hear from other students about how much they enjoyed and benefited from the Study Abroad program, they are eager to sign up,” said Dr. Tenuta. “And I have yet to hear from a student who wasn’t happy to have made the choice to travel and study in another country.”

For more information on RMU’s Study Abroad Program, contact Shelley LaMantia, slamantia@robertmorris.edu or RMU’s website at http://www.robertmorris.edu/studyabroad/