Overview of Services


Trust the Experts

Competing in today’s market requires investing in employees. In fact, leading edge companies take pride in ensuring that their employees are their greatest assets. Edcor’s goal is to help you maximize the value of your investment in education and tuition benefits for your employees.

Our Client-focused solution includes:

Tuition Assistance Programs

A web-based solution to link Clients’ tuition assistance programs with overall benefit and education strategies.

Student Debt Repayment Assistance

A strategic benefit that allows employers the opportunity to expand traditional TAP for maximum value.

Client Support Services

Industry insight and in-depth benchmark data to define and achieve Clients’ goals.

Preferred School Network

A network of higher education institutions that offer students online and on-campus education at discounted rates.

Education Advising

We help employees plan degree programs that maximize their previous college credit, military training, certifications or college-level exams.

Textbook Discounts

Save up to 80 percent on textbooks and academic materials.

Compliance Hotlines

A secure channel for reporting situations of misconduct.