Student Debt Repayment Assistance


Edcor’s Student Debt Repayment Assistance service assists forward-thinking companies in including student loan assistance as an integral part of their Tuition Assistance Program. Student Debt Repayment Assistance is a benefit that meets employees’ immediate needs. Edcor’s service in administering loan repayment assistance as a complement to tuition reimbursement helps businesses attract and retain qualified workers.


Recent statistics from show:


of individuals with student loan debt say they would like loan repayment assistance from employers


said they would rather have their employer health benefit contributions go to students loan repayment


percent said they would rather have student loan repayment as a benefit over 401(k) contributions


Offering student loan repayment assistance is one way to attract and retain the talent businesses need to fill the skills gap as older employees retire. It is also one benefit that meets the immediate needs of today’s young employees. Loan repayment assistance is a natural complement to traditional tuition reimbursement, and creates a dynamic business culture that values higher education.”

– Adrienne Way, CEO , Edcor Data Services