Textbook Discounts FAQ

What is the website to rent textbooks?

How do textbook purchases work?
• It’s simple! Begin by searching for your textbook by ISBN (10 or 13-digit number that can be found on the back cover of each book), title, author or keyword and add it to your shopping cart. After completing the order, they will be shipped to you. At the end of the term you can submit for a quote for the textbook buyback program.

How do I track my order?
Sign into your account and click the “Books I’ve Purchased” tab. You can either enter your order number in the tracking box at the top of the page, or click “View Order Details” next to the order you want to track. NOTE: Orders shipped with “FREE Shipping” do not include tracking numbers.

How long will it take to get my books?
• It depends on the shipping method you choose. We offer free shipping anywhere in the contiguous US which can take 5-10 business days for orders over $25. If you choose expedited shipping you can expect your order in 2-7 business days. You can also select 2-day and overnight options.

Can I write or highlight in my book?
• Yes! But you might want to keep it to a minimum, the better condition of the book the better chance of participating in the buyback program.

What is Guaranteed Cash Back?
• All over Textbooks.com, thousands of best-selling textbooks are labeled as “Guaranteed Cash Back”. That means that when you buy this textbook and sell it back to us in good condition at the end of the semester, you’re guaranteed to get 50% cash back of what you paid for it. It’s like getting your textbook for half off!

What forms of payment are available?
• You may use a credit or debit card for rental orders or online purchases through this service. We accept all major credit and debit cards
• After each due date passes until the book is returned or the purchase value is reached at which time the book becomes your property.

Where can I find more help?
• For answers to other questions or for assistance, please visit us online at http://www.textbooks.com/Textbooks-Help/Help-Center.php?CSID=ATTABUMUBS3SD2UTTKQ2ADSOB or call us at 877-292-6442, Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm CST.