Tuition Assistance Programs

Edcor Services - Tuition Assistance Programs

A comprehensive tuition assistance program can help you attract talented people, retain your best employees and keep attrition to a minimum. Edcor, the recognized leader in tuition assistance management, can implement a tuition assistance program for you or improve the efficiency, quality and return on investment of your current program.

As your outsourced administrator, we can help you maximize the value of your tuition assistance program by

  • Helping you define your strategic goals
  • Providing reliable data analysis to highlight opportunities for improvement and return on investment
  • Reducing the overall spend of your tuition assistance program through our Edcor School Network and Fraud Identification and Prevention programs
  • Alleviating your HR professionals of time-consuming transaction management
  • Eliminating inconsistent and subjective policy decisions
  • Improving your employees’ experience via a fully automated, self-service solution and a professionally staffed Call Center located within our Michigan headquarters

Edcor Services - Tuition Assistance Programs

Four Key Components Create Edcor’s Service Architecture

The Web Portal is a customized, secure website that includes enrollment, status updates, grade submission, online appeals processing, and self-service Client reporting.

Our Customer Care comprehensive support model includes professional, multi-lingual customer service staff as well as specialists dedicated solely to supporting field management and educational institutions.

Program Administration includes robust transaction processing, program updates, online reporting, advisory services, extensive benchmark data, and financial reconciliation.

Edcor’s Support Infrastructure ensures that we consistently deliver a high level of quality and customer satisfaction.