Transaction Processing

Edcor has created an industry-leading transaction processing system that is efficient, accurate, and consistent. Our patented processes ensure that we offer a unique and comprehensive total solution.

Proactive Communication

Integral to the smooth running of our service are the electronic communications provided at key milestones. Edcor ensures that your employees have a wealth of intuitive support “tools” at their disposal to receive continual updates on application or payment activity.


Edcor supports multiple Tuition Assistance models. Industry norms include a reimbursement model where the student pays up front and is reimbursed after courses are taken. A second popular method is Direct Bill (Voucher). The school invoices Edcor for payment. Edcor then pays the school on behalf of the Client, resulting in no out-of-pocket expenses for the student.

Payments are made either through a check cut by Edcor or via the Client’s payroll process. Funding and payment reconciliation services are also provided as part of our service.

On-Demand Reporting

Edcor’s best-in-class reporting includes on-demand reporting that sets the standard in the industry for online reporting. This self-serve online portal allows Client Administrators to create and run reports, then export and save or print them in multiple formats.

The advanced options enable visibility into the Tuition Program so that:

  • Total transparency of how Edcor is administering your program is provided
  • Trend lines can reveal opportunities for future planning and goals
  • Clients are able to drill down to an individual location, person, or transaction