Study Abroad Opportunities Rewarding for Adult, Online Learners

Provided by Penn State World Campus

The opportunity to study abroad can be exciting, and can offer a variety of personal and professional rewards; a chance to enrich your educational experience while immersing yourself in another culture. An important professional bonus is having the chance to gain experience working in diverse environments and among different cultures — which is attractive to employers who promote cultural diversity and need employees with varied backgrounds.

Although busy adult students often worry these opportunities may not be feasible for them due to geographic limitations, time commitments, or other practical considerations, even online students can find options for study abroad through their school.

Even though it may be impossible for a working parent with children to participate in a six-month program, spending just a few days in another country may be feasible. Some programs involve a week or less of actual travel, accommodating students who can only be away from their jobs or families for a limited time. If you are able to travel more extensively, some programs last for the summer, a semester, or even for an entire academic year.

The costs of study abroad vary widely depending on the length of the program, the destination, and a number of other factors. Scholarships and financial aid may be available. Education Abroad advisers can walk you through budgeting tools to calculate the costs and outline a plan to pay your expenses. Get more information about the costs and funding resources for study abroad programs.

Applying for study abroad opportunities is probably easier than you think. Start by browsing the list of available programs. Once you find one that interests you, follow the specified application procedure. Be sure to pay attention to critical deadlines! Most programs allow you to complete the entire application process online.