The Education Connection: Match your career goals with a degree path

Provided by Northcentral University

Going back to school can enhance your access to opportunities in the workplace, but it can also help you take your career in an entirely new direction. It’s not always easy, however, to determine the best way to reach your goals, including which degree program to select. We’ve put together the following list of questions to help you narrow down your goals and determine what’s right for you:

1. Am I generally happy with the industry I currently work in?
If the answer is “yes,” you may be interested in simply getting an advanced degree in your current field or finding an area of specialization within your industry.

2. Are there any areas of specialization in my current field that are interesting to me?
If you enjoy your field but want to become a subject matter expert in a specific area, you may benefit from finding a specialization within your current field.

3. Am I primarily interested in increasing my access to opportunities in the workplace?
If the answer is “yes,” your best option may be to work toward an advanced degree in your current field. This can make it easier to go after exciting new opportunities.

4. Could I see myself working in an entirely different industry?
If you think you’re ready for a career change, you should first determine your true motivation. For example, you may be overworked and simply need a break, not a new career path. Maybe you don’t feel challenged, which could be solved by working on an advanced degree or a new area of focus within your current industry.

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