Why an MBA Remains a Must-Have in Business

Provided by Montclair State University

Earning an MBA has long been the gold standard for those who want to move into leadership positions in their industry. But as the business world goes global and changes rapidly because of technology, many may wonder if earning an MBA is still the right thing to do for their career. The short answer is “yes,” for those with the ambition to become strong leaders armed with the best practices and latest strategies on guiding an organization in the 21st century.

So why is now one of the best times to earn an MBA? Consider the following points.

The Online Advantage
For many students, a major roadblock in pursuing an MBA in the past has been the issue of time. That is now far less of a consideration, thanks to the advances in online degree programs. For example, online MBA programs may give students multiple starting dates to begin classes. Students also get support, access to professors, opportunities to collaborate with other students and can schedule coursework around their busy professional and personal lives.

In short, it’s never been more convenient to earn an MBA.

Understanding the Big Issues
While earning an MBA, students are exposed to the latest strategies in business, many of them involving a more data-driven approach in a world where technology is advancing rapidly. Having the opportunity to take time and consider these issues is invaluable.

Most people considering an MBA focus on what they will learn and how it may be applied to improving their business skills. Another benefit of a quality MBA program is the opportunity to establish a rich professional network. Students work closely with other like-minded individuals in their online degree program. They participate in reflective exchanges and project collaborations offering them a chance to establish friendships that can last a lifetime.

In the modern diverse workforce, leadership can prove more challenging than ever. Just the idea of getting a group of driven, goal-oriented people to work together is always a complex proposition. MBA programs offer students a chance to develop the skills that will serve them well as leaders – and help them get the maximum production from those who work on their team.

Those who earn a master’s degree make more than those with a bachelor’s degree in every profession, according to federal government data. The average across all professions is an additional $228 in earnings per week. That number can get even higher when it comes to the business world, where most employers expect top executives and senior management to have earned a master’s degree. Demand is rising, as well. According to CNBC, 79 percent of employers expected to hire an MBA graduate in the coming year.

Earning an MBA gives business professionals a chance to refocus on their careers. In addition to the above areas, students also get a chance to work with professors who will challenge their views and hear the latest successful strategies from executives who speak or hold workshops for MBA program students. It’s a chance to pause, briefly, and then launch your career higher. For those with that type of ambition, an MBA can hold the key to a wealth of opportunities.

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