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Edcor is a recognized leader in tuition assistance because we skillfully adapt to the unique challenges of each individual client. As a result we can design for you a complete and comprehensive custom program, or enhance and maximize your current program. Either way, our client-focused expertise and support service will help you attract and retain more quality employees, and improve your employees’ overall experience, and your overall ROI.

The services we offer at Edcor is unparalleled to what is currently seen in the industry. From tuition assistance to student loan assistance (SLA) to scholarship administration and to student advising, we offer comprehensive benefits for each student client.

Student Loan Assistance

For employees, the challenges generated by student loan debt extend beyond just the money owed. As these statistics show, their lives are often put on hold until the loan is paid off. With Edcor student loan assistance these issues are resolved with optimum economical efficiency.


total U.S. student loan debt.


borrowed each year.


Americans with student loan debt.

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Reach Your Goals Faster with Edcor.

Edcor is a comprehensive service and support system that helps employers leverage tuition and education options to achieve maximum employee value.

Attracting and keeping the most promising talent often comes down to making it easier for students to finish their education. The Edcor Preferred School Network offers online training, discounted tuition and other benefits that will give your company a clear advantage.

Our mission is to promote success by contributing to the accomplishment of our clients’ strategic objectives. We work closely with our clients to assure success in four key areas:

  • Reduce time and money spent
  • Keep your program consistent and focused
  • Define strategic goals
  • Eliminate time-consuming HR transactions


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Underutilized to Optimized Guide to Maximizing Usage of Your Education Benefits

The era of Great Resignations is not over yet. The new world of work requires ups killing to bridge the skill gaps and digital divide to build a more resilient and inclusive workplace.

Three-Pronged Strategy to Resolve the Student Loan Debt Crisis in America

According to the current data, the U.S. student loan debt stands at a staggering 1.75 trillion dollars from 45 million borrowers. Borrower prudence and Government reliefs alone are insufficient to solve the crisis.

Student Loan Repayment Increases Diversity and Inclusion

Businesses that are the most diverse and inclusive are more profitable than companies that are less diverse. They outperform companies in earnings and long-term value creation.

Uncovering the Value of Educational Assistance

How tuition assistance and reimbursement programs enhance the bottom line and how organizations can use data to link employee development to ROI.