10 Ways to Move Up the Corporate Hospital Ladder

corp_office_300x400Ambitious, career minded healthcare professionals are always looking for ways to climb the corporate hospital ladder. Big actions get noticed; however, a combination of smaller measures and principles can also make an enormous impact. If you are interested in healthcare administration there are a couple of considerations you will need to make.

Assess and Define

First take the time to reevaluate your career. Align your interests and priorities with your career path. Second, define your career goals. By recognizing your aspirations, you will have a clear path in front of you. Maybe you are interested in moving up the corporate hospital ladder. Do you need additional education and experience to reach your goal? Consider returning to school to get your masters in health administration.

Reach your Goal

Although there is no exact formula for moving up the corporate hospital ladder, by obtaining a Master’s in Health Administration and following these 10 tips you will be on your way.

1. Be an Effective Communicator

Effective communication is essential to being successful in your career. By having the ability to communicate in a way that is easily understandable you will be able to successfully contribute to the topics being discussed. Demonstrating emotional stability while communicating is crucial. Supervisors will only consider for advancement individuals who remain calm in all situations.

2. Let Management Know of Your Desire to Advance

The majority of hospitals promote employee development. Some even assist employees in continuing training. This may be the perfect way for you to obtain your masters in health administration. By communicating your goals to management, they may support you in your endeavor, and acknowledge you have a drive to expand your career.

3. Be Responsible

If you are a responsible employee, you are a good employee. When you are assigned a responsibility, take it seriously and always be prepared to take on more assignments. Should you fail at a task that was assigned to you, stand up and take responsibility for it. Be sincere in your apology. Taking responsibility for your mistakes shows good character. Your supervisor will see that you are ready to shoulder a large amount of responsibility and willing to bear consequences, if necessary.

4. Keep Your Knowledge Current

Do not wait for the hospital to train you; step up and take classes on your own. You can also read reports and publications related to heath issues and the medical field. You might also attend seminars, earn certifications and expand your skill set. This will show personal drive to gain advanced knowledge in your field and help you stand out.

5. Become a Leader and Take Initiative

Strive to be a passionate expert in your field. Ways to do this include:

  • Take on leadership positions with associations and organizations.
  • Offer to mentor junior associates.
  • Apply for a position at one of your local boards.
  • Volunteer to lead a new project.
  • Continue your education.

Be involved in solving problems that your colleagues or supervisors encounter. It is beneficial for you to help others if they are having difficulties.

6. Networking is Essential

Expanding your network through working within your community and organizations is essential. This helps you gain contacts that are necessary for your success. Remember that no one has ever climbed all the way to the top of the corporate ladder alone.

7. Follow the Lead of Your Supervisors

Take a close look at your supervisor’s work ethics and knowledge level. Use your superior’s experience as a guide to help you progress professionally, and as a goal you can reach.

8. Remain Prepared

Good preparation helps you remain focused on the task at hand. Also, your supervisors will see that you take your career seriously. Whether making a phone call to give a physician his/her patient’s test results, or helping get a patient ready for transfer, be prepared.

9. Never Procrastinate

Procrastination is rarely a smart choice in the workplace. Show superiors that you are on top of different tasks. Completing them thoroughly and on time, demonstrates that you are ready for greater challenges and responsibilities.

10. Stay Motivated and Driven

Although it may feel like your goal of advancement in the corporate hospital world is further away than you would ideally prefer, stay focused on your successes. Along the way it may feel like a daunting task, however the career you have always dreamed of is in reach. Friends interested in the same field can motivate you to continue pursuing success in the corporate hospital world.

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