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American Public University System is pleased to announce its new Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Health Sciences is for students interested in entering or currently working in the rapidly growing healthcare industry. The degree is ideal for those who have completed military training in the medical and health sciences and are seeking advancement in their career path.
Through an interdisciplinary approach, the BAS in Health Sciences is designed to meet the transforming practices within health sciences. You will study a core curriculum in natural sciences, sports and health sciences, public health, information systems management, health information management, and healthcare administration.

Degree Program Objectives
In addition to the institutional and degree level learning objectives, graduates of this program are expected to achieve these learning outcomes:
• Analyze healthcare policy issues from an economic and financial perspective.
• Create a plan for efficient healthcare system management.
• Evaluate and develop solutions and strategies for complex problems within the healthcare industry.
• Apply ethical standards for decision-making in healthcare organizations.
• Assess technologies and healthcare informatics for implementation in healthcare organizations.

Excelsior College now offers employees of partner organizations the option of deferring payment of tuition until their course is completed. Deferred tuition is available to partnership students using tuition reimbursement as well as veterans using Chapters 30, 35, 1607 and 1606 (or active duty military using veteran benefits).

With deferred tuition, instead of paying at time of registration or using a payment plan, payment is deducted from a credit card, checking account, or savings account approximately three weeks after the course end date. This allows time to for you to submit your tuition reimbursement paperwork for a refund.

To learn more about Edcor’s partnership with Excelsior, visit: https://www.excelsior.edu/web/partners/edcor-data-services-llc or call 844-843-9296. If you are a veteran or active duty military, call 844-843-9299. Make sure to mention that you are with Edcor to ensure you get partnership discounts (20 percent off undergraduate courses/15% off graduate level) and other benefits.

Expect more. Get More…

Liberty University is a proud supporter of nurses all around the world. We have made it our effort to provide CCNE-accredited programs at an affordable price for all nurses. With a variety of degrees available, we have options for everyone.
We are proud to offer the following programs, 100 percent online: RN-BSN, BSN-MSN, RN-BSN-MSN, MSN/MBA (dual degree), MSN/MHA (dual degree), as well as a DNP.
Regardless of what level you are currently at, we are here to help you rise to the next level and become the best nurse that you can be to help your patients rise above the obstacles that life has presented them with. We want to help you help your patients.

For questions about any our programs or to speak with an admissions counselor, please call 1-800-424-9595 or visit www.liberty.edu. On behalf of everyone at Liberty University, thank you to all nurses!

Northcentral University is introducing a Criminal Justice Program. Criminal justice is a field that includes the efforts of law enforcement, the court system and the correction system. Those working within this field face increasingly complex issues in order to help create a safer society for all. For those interested in enhancing their criminal justice career, the right education is crucial.

Our School of Business is launching a Doctor of Criminal Justice (DCJ) degree program to help students enhance their understanding of critical topics in criminal justice while gaining executive-level leadership skills. This program includes three specializations: Homeland Security, White Collar Crime, and Policing.

Developed in conjunction with subject matter experts, these programs will offer students a deep level of understanding on criminal justice theory along with research, management and leadership skills. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to take on a range of roles in the government and private sector such as law enforcement agency administrator, corrections administrator or criminal justice researcher.

If you’re interested in learning more about this or other NCU programs, please visit www.NCU.edu/Edcor.

Penn State Online is offering a new program in marketing analytics. The 30-credit marketing analytics option in the master of professional studies in data analytics degree is designed to help business professionals learn how to use data science to address complex marketing challenges.

Chelsea Hammond, clinical assistant professor and director of the option, said today’s businesses want to leverage marketing data to help them be more successful. To do that, they need employees who have statistical skills and business backgrounds to effectively analyze data and communicate insights to business stakeholders. “They need employees who can help bridge the gap,” Hammond said. “Companies need these employees to have both data skills and business acumen, with the ability to translate the data into actionable insights. Through the marketing analytics option, business professionals can learn to get the most out of their company’s data to support business strategy and growth.”

In the marketing analytics courses, students will learn to apply data to important marketing challenges, such as brand position and differentiation, pricing and product strategy, brand equity, marketing campaign performance and customer satisfaction. Students will also take courses in data science that will teach them how to design and implement systems to mine and analyze large sets of data. In the final course, students will complete a final capstone project.

Students who complete the core courses in marketing analytics can receive a graduate certificate in marketing analytics. For information on this program and the tuition reduction available to you, your spouse and legal dependents, visit Penn State World Campus Edcor website.

Regent University offers students the opportunity to increase their marketability and safeguard the future with Cybersecurity Degree Opportunities.

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing careers across all industry sectors, with a shortfall of 1.5 million in job openings. Regent University is a proud leader in this growing technology sector. Through our expanding degree programs, strategic partnership with Cyberbit Ltd. and development of the most powerful Cyber Range technology in the nation, we provide the very best in educational instruction, combined with unprecedented professional training.

Receive the training and certification you need to lead as a technical expert in your field, whether in government, industry, military, or an academic sector. Regent offers: B.S. in Cybersecurity, B.S. in Cyber & Digital Forensics, M.S. in Cybersecurity.

Strayer University helps make affordable learning possible. You can go from an RN to BSN with a $2,000 scholarship. At Strayer University, we strive to provide financial assistance to help you achieve your degree. That’s where our RN to BSN scholarship comes in, which offers $2,000 toward your RN to BSN degree. The scholarship will provide $500 tuition per term for four terms.

For full scholarship information, criteria and to apply email SchoolofNursing@strayer.edu

Upper Iowa University’s RN-BSN program assists registered nurses in developing the skills they need to be successful in the rapidly changing environment of health care delivery. In addition, the RN-BSN program is designed to prepare students for advancement to leadership positions and/or graduate education.

Upper Iowa University’s RN-BSN program has been designed by experienced health care educators to be flexible enough to fit any lifestyle and any schedule. At the end of the program each student will:
• Integrate theoretical knowledge and evidence-based practice in a collaborative health care delivery environment.
• Demonstrate leadership and teamwork to improve outcomes in a selected health care setting.
• Manage technology and resources to communicate, support, and provide quality care within the health care continuum.
• Develop practices of life-long learning through seeking knowledge and assimilating professional standards, ethical principles, and legal accountability in nursing practice.
• Demonstrate personal accomplishment of the RN-BSN program goals and outcomes in an electronic portfolio. Students retain access to the portfolio for future professional development documentation.

For additional information about UIU’s RN-BSN program, visit https://uiu.edu/academics/department/nursing/index.html.