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Edcor Newsletter February 2023

Edcor Newsletter
February 2023


The U.S. Healthcare Industry is unique and a niche for Edcor

The healthcare industry in the U.S. is a complex and multifaceted industry, with various challenges and opportunities. It is a highly-regulated system that includes a range of providers, facilities, and payers. A high degree of fragmentation and specialization and a complex mix of public and private financing make it unique when it comes to designing and administering education benefits for the industry. While the industry continues to grow and innovate, it is faced with ongoing external challenges such as rising healthcare costs, access to care, and an aging population. Added to that were the challenges it faced during the pandemic, leading to changes in how care is delivered and accelerating trends such as telehealth. However, the full impact of the pandemic on the industry is still evolving.

Attrition is a common challenge faced by healthcare organizations, more than any other industry, due to factors such as high workload, burnout, low job satisfaction, and competition for skilled workers. With this rapid pace of change in healthcare, upskilling is crucial for maintaining high-quality care and ensuring that healthcare professionals can adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

Healthcare is a niche for Edcor; with over 40 years of experience and about 40% of our Clients coming from the healthcare services, hospitals, and pharmaceutical space we can confidently say that we know the industry better than any of the other third-party education benefits providers. Edcor can assist in managing tuition assistance programs, offering discounts on education and training programs, and providing employees with resources to explore different career paths within the healthcare industry. Ultimately, this can help healthcare organizations improve employee satisfaction, reduce costs associated with turnover and recruitment, and enhance the quality of care provided to patients.

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February marks the beginning of Black History Month – an annual celebration of the achievements and contributions of African Americans throughout U.S. history. The 2023 theme for the month is Black Resistance, honoring the resistance against historical and ongoing racial oppression.  Edcor being a women-owned business and with most of its workforce from diverse backgrounds has a high reverence for this month and its significance in American History. 

Moving to the second update for the month. As you may know, Edcor has been a certified member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) for more than a decade now. WBENC is the gold standard certification for women-owned businesses and the support from WBENC towards professional development, tools, networking, and resources to help us succeed has been valuable over the years. This year Edcor will be attending the WBENC National Conference in March. We look forward to connecting with diverse and dynamic women entrepreneurs and corporate executives to fuel growth in each of our respective realms. 

Let’s future together!  

Adrienne L. Way, Edcor Owner, President, and CEO


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