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Edcor School Network Differentiators

We’ve said it a million times and keep reiterating that Education is a passion at Edcor and at the core of everything we do. Our focus is to help clients reach their upskilling goals, and make client-employees informed consumers of higher education. To this end, I started the Edcor School Network more than a decade back to associate with like-minded institutions of higher education that have the learner’s best interest at heart. Back then our clients were overwhelmed by the high numbers of schools trying to get in touch with them, and as a result, closed doors for everyone – including ones with meaningful offerings that could have benefitted them. Edcor stepped in to filter the noise and make targeted messages reach the right stakeholders, from the schools that were a match for clients, creating positive synergies between all parties. What differentiates the Edcor School Network foremost is the customized and problem-solving approach to fill all skill gaps for each client.

I must say, we’ve come a long way; I am quite pleased with the selection of schools that we partner with. We are by no measure the biggest school network, and this is by design. We value our school network partners and the continuous exchange of ideas on the latest trends in the industry and higher education. These meaningful relationships built over the years lead to enhanced client experiences with the schools and ultimately Edcor. Our schools are then also willing to offer customized solutions to clients, which leads to another win-win for all parties.

The Edcor School Network empowers you to choose the school you want to go to.

We partner with schools of high value and schools that our clients and their employees prefer to go to.  No one can pay to be in the network or at the top of our list; we can proudly say that we do what’s truly best for the clients and the learners.

What are the benefits of the Edcor School Network?

Working professionals are acutely aware of the grim reality of the modern world – college degrees do lead to better long-term financial outcomes and career progression opportunities. However, another stark reality is the rising cost of education. Going back to school is a tough decision not only because of the financial implications but also because of the opportunity cost – time and rearrangements in life that it takes. The financial impact, thankfully, can be minimized with the help of employer Tuition Assistance benefits and additional discounts from the school network. These are vital enablers to pursuing your dream of higher education.

Knowing details about your third-party education benefits administrator and their school network helps reduce tuition costs significantly. It’s similar to the in-network and out-of-network healthcare with your insurance provider if it helps to understand the concept. With the school network, you can access the same quality of education at better prices. The benefits are far stretched. With this network of schools, you can receive anywhere between 5 – 40% in tuition reduction which can lead to zero out-of-pocket cost degrees. Some of them even offer dependent discounts.

The Edcor School Network offers a myriad of benefits to learners.

  • Enables uptake of higher education
  • Comprised of high-repute schools
  • Offering education suiting the needs of working professionals
  • Additional academic advising for learner success
  • Attractive school discounts and debt-free degrees
  • Family or dependent discounts from many schools
  • Dedicated school advisors for added handholding and support
  • Faster degree completion

The Edcor School Network comprises cherry-picked schools of high repute and brand value, with regional and national accreditations. All our school partners are aware of the impediments faced by adult learners and have learning and education pathways that suit the needs of the modern working professional who struggles to juggle work and life. Moreover, we supplement our school network with our Academic Advising services that are purely learner-centric and help in course completion keeping each learner’s unique journey in focus.

Edcor promotes schools in an unbiased and agnostic fashion and facilitates participation based on clients’ and employees’ learning needs only.  Since there’s no monetary incentive behind which school the learner utilizes, the focus is purely on the learner’s needs. Moreover, our school network partners extend discounts on tuition and Debt-free degrees to learners to remove the financial barriers to going back to school.

Edcor client-employees receive special handholding at the schools in the Edcor School Network and graduation rates from the network schools have been observed to be higher because of the extra attention. Edcor also supports client-employees with any issues through our Contact Center in query resolution with schools thereby providing an enhanced learner experience.

How to access the Edcor partner School Network discount information?

Each Edcor client-employee is eligible for the partner school discount regardless of their benefit limit and eligibility for Tuition Assistance from their employers. The school network discounts are unquestionably a huge advantage. Each of our clients has an Education benefits site hosted on their intranet; this is where client-employees can see information on schools and discounts. There are no restrictions on schools or programs a learner can choose from. The learners can apply through this portal after gaining the information and making a choice about the school they want to go to.

To conclude, I’m leaving you with an action checklist that will help you stretch your education benefits dollars and make education more affordable.

Action Checklist

Checkbox Ask your employer about Tuition Assistance, and your third-party Education Benefits provider.

Checkbox Go through the school network partners of your third-party Education Benefits provider.

Checkbox Apply through the third-party Education Benefits provider portal for programs at a school of your choice.

Checkbox Make sure you receive the school network discount by checking with the school directly, even though you applied through the provider’s portal.

Checkbox If applying directly to a partner school, state your Education Benefits provider name and ask for the school network discounts.

By Sara VanWagoner, VP of Corporate Growth at Edcor

Edcor is a woman-owned business and is the benchmark in education benefits administration. For 40 years, our customized service and solutions have allowed Fortune 500 Clients to use education benefits programs for employee recruiting, retention, and development. Please feel free to reach out to us!