National Education Benefits Administrator Edcor Celebrates 40th Anniversary  | Edcor

National Education Benefits Administrator Edcor Celebrates 40th Anniversary 

National Education Benefits Administrator Edcor Celebrates 40th Anniversary 

Troy, MI – July 13, 2021 – Edcor is excited to be celebrating its 40th Anniversary.

One of the nation’s largest providers of Education Benefits Administration solutions to employers, Edcor processed nearly $250 million in tuition assistance payments, supporting more than 2 million employees in 2020.

However, an enterprise is only as good as the benchmarks it sets and achieves. Edcor’s four decades of accomplishment comes from our ability to develop creative solutions and innovative programs. With acknowledgement to Edcor’s successful past, it is time to march forward to meet the next set of challenges: “Let’s Future Together.”

More than a catchphrase or a slogan, “Let’s Future Together” is a call to action — a commitment to expand the impact of education benefits for companies and their employees. It’s a public handshake agreement binding Edcor to its clients and their success.

“Needless to say, we are very proud,” said Adrienne L. Way, Edcor owner, President and CEO. “But even as we celebrate this latest milestone, we’re looking ahead, not behind. We believe the best way to celebrate where we’ve been is to use it as a springboard for where we go from here.”

Edcor assists clients with their Student Tuition Reimbursement, Tuition Assistance, Student Loan Assistance and Scholarship Program needs by developing programs that are more efficient, less costly and account for the shifting educational landscape — change that began in earnest last year.

The education system flipped basically overnight due to the pandemic. Ensuring employees are knowledgeable about how that may impact tuition, reimbursement and loans — present and future — is critical to their long-term success. The crisis was disruptive and mitigating the impact is critical to keeping working adult students on track and, in the process, making a company productive and profitable.

More importantly, coming out of the pandemic, the recruitment of new employees — and retention of current workers — is frenzied and highly competitive. The difference between securing a new worker and losing one could very well be the benefits package.

Edcor’s approach to Education Benefits Administration is focused on using technology for efficiency, effectiveness and clarity, while our people provide the assurance and insurance our clients get the right programs put in place to meet their needs. In this difficult business climate, that approach is critical to success.

“The challenges of education benefit outsourcing and consulting will continue to get more complex with time and Edcor will continue to meet them with new and better solutions,” Way said. “We’ve got four decades of momentum behind us. And you have a world of possibilities in front of you. The way we see it, that’s a solid foundation for success.”

About Edcor

Edcor, a certified woman-owned business, is the benchmark in education benefits administration. For 40 years, our customized service and software solutions have allowed clients to use education benefits programs, including tuition assistance and student loan assistance, for employee recruiting, retention and development. Additional information can be found at

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