We carry Christmas in our hearts all year | Edcor

We carry Christmas in our hearts all year

I’m sitting in my cozy office looking out of the window at the beautiful Michigan winter, fresh snow covering the ground, crisp cold air filling the atmosphere with the warm Christmas feeling. I notice a flock of birds flying home, yes it’s time to leave but for us December is the busiest time of the year. When we work, we work hard so that we can party harder during the Christmas and New Year break.  However, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of the holiday season and be overwhelmed at work. An effective coping strategy I’ve learnt over the years is to: prioritize, simplify, and progress. The most daunting tasks feel achievable with this strategy.

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.” ~ Stephen Covey

As I pause, re-examine, and count my blessings for things that are going in our favor – my mind races to pen down my surreal experience of the past twelve months. We started the year 2021 with a lot of uncertainty, business challenges, and concern over the health and safety of our loved ones. Along with it was the excitement of completing 40 years in business, and a renewed commitment to excellence.  The Edcor family did pleasingly well in adapting with unprecedented change and accommodating the new with the old. Together we have learnt to thrive in challenging times – in fact, the bigger the challenge the better we perform.

Presently, Edcor is positioned better than ever to face the challenges of the dynamic and emergent workplace. We have the resources and technology to solve complex business problems combined with our experience and knowledge to be used as a springboard for Client success. More than anything, we have grit. The grit to work our way through upended work lives, business uncertainties, and health crises. It is this ‘Grit’ that has made our business flourish as we serve the full spectrum of educational benefits administrations.

I take this opportunity to thank everyone for the wonderful year of hard work and meaningful collaborations.

Last but not the least, the season for Giving at Edcor is all year long. We have always deeply believed in community service and contributing to organizations locally. This year too – in our own little ways – we made a difference by supporting local charities like the Daisy Project for families with special needs, Michigan Animal Rescue League, Food drive at Gleaners, Lake Orion Musical Band, Regina Catholic High School, Oxford Wildcats and more. We also encourage our employees to engage in volunteer work by giving paid time-off to give back to the community. We believe that every single act of kindness makes a difference to someone’s life. Christmas is about Giving, and we carry Christmas in our hearts all year long!

I’d like to conclude with the hope that you and your family are safe and in the best of holiday spirits. Wish you all the warmth of the holiday season, and everlasting joy.

Adrienne Way, CEO and Owner, Edcor

Adrienne Way with Oliver