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For more information on Edcor’s services and how a partnership can benefit your organization, send us an inquiry: Complete the contact form below or call us at (888) 222-9950

Edcor’s core service attribute is value. We have saved our clients millions of dollars while delivering a product unmatched in quality. Together, we achieve consistent results by leveraging technology and experience.

What We Do

The services we offer at Edcor is unparalleled to what is currently seen in the industry. From tuition assistance to student loan assistance (SLA) to scholarship administration and to student advising, we offer comprehensive benefits for each student client.

Our mission is to promote success by contributing to the accomplishment of our clients’ strategic objectives and consistently delivering.

In working with top employers across the country, we believe the most successful companies are those who attract the best talent. As the industry leader in helping employers and students work together, we never lose focus on the role these principles play in student success.

Attracting and keeping the most promising talent often comes down to making it easier for them to finish their education. The Edcor Preferred School Network offers online training, discounted tuition and other benefits that will give your company a clear advantage.

Whether you are a student looking for financial assistance or an employer recruiting top talent, Edcor is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how you can work with us. Fill out the contact form below and a representative will be in touch with you shortly!

If you are a client employee and you have a question about a transaction or the process, do not complete this form. You must call the phone number located on your education benefit program website.

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