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Develop a Broad Knowledge Base for a Healthcare Management Degree Program

Provided by American Intercontinental University

In order to provide better care for patients, you need to know how to better do your part in the complex healthcare system. Part of the reason it’s so important to have a strong, broad knowledge base of how the healthcare system functions is that this can help you better understand your specific role within it. More importantly, it can help you develop a clearer vision of how your actions and responsibilities may influence the other aspects of the system, ultimately contributing to the overall quality of care for a wide range of patients.

With so many different ways to work toward the common goal of outstanding patient care, how do you know what courses to take and skills to explore in a healthcare management degree program, and which ones could help you improve the quality and range of care you hope to provide?

Core Healthcare Management Courses at AIU

Each degree program at AIU has a selection of core courses all students must take in order to create a strong foundation of knowledge upon which to build in later classes. Because healthcare management is such a complex field, AIU students must become familiar with a broad range of material throughout 10 core courses that provide students a comprehensive overview of the many intertwined areas and aspects of the healthcare system, from policy and regulations to quality-of-care assessments and institutional management strategies.

A solid foundation of core knowledge also can provide you a better context for the skills you hope to develop while working toward your healthcare management specialization. Within that specialization, you can take courses that delve more deeply into topics such as gerontology management or health services administration management.

Core classes at AIU include Introduction to Healthcare, Health/Public Policy, Legal and Ethical Environment of Business, Principles of Accounting I, Financial Managemen, Survey of Healthcare Management, Risk Management in Healthcare, Quality in Healthcare, Healthcare and Human Resources, and Research Methods for Specific courses are subject to change. Visit the AIU catalog at at for the latest program curriculum.