High Tech Exploration and New Frontiers at Work

Provided by DeVry University

These days, with vast stores of information at our fingertips and the ease of lightening-speed connections, we might wonder… What new worlds can still be discovered by those who dare to explore? For many, our minds and talents can bring us seemingly endless possibilities to learn, grow and thrive. Think of technology as being a lot like the ship we are sailing to our next destination. Tomorrow’s innovations are poised to move businesses in exciting new directions. Perhaps even more important will be how you will take your own skills and opportunities along for the ride.

Looking Back and Moving Forward
Have you ever wished you knew more about certain topics that are increasingly relevant at your work? Do you have the skills you need to be considered fluent in the digital age–and if not, what kind of knowledge are you interested in developing?

These kinds of questions can lead you to discover new worlds of your own, and journey to them through training, education and self-exploration. Think about some of the following groundbreaking technologies get excited about what tomorrow may bring to your work, your life, and the world around you!

Internet and e-Commerce
When the World Wide Web emerged in 1990, that connectivity began to alter the business landscape, fostering global communications, new product development and more. Similarly, e-commerce has changed the way many people buy and sell products, offering an alternative to brick-and-mortar setups, and allowing businesses to run 24/7.

The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) — a network of connected devices that makes otherwise ordinary items “smart” — is poised to change the way companies make products and engage with their customers. Use your mobile device to activate your air conditioning at home, or have your smart refrigerator order produce for your grocer to deliver.

Big Data
The sensors built into IoT devices record data (Big Data), which businesses can collect and analyze to use for strategic planning, product development and targeted marketing. More widespread availability can lead to more affordability for these products through the laws of supply and demand.

The Future of IT and You
From stocking shelves, to interacting with customers, to investing in virtual reality, the digital future looks bright! Whether you’re back in the classroom learning new tricks, enjoying reskilling training at work, or simply experimenting with your kids’ digital pastimes, the possibilities are yours for the exploring.

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