How to Choose a Business Specialization

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Business students face an extensive array of options when it comes to their ultimate career goals and field of focus, and the question of how to choose a business specialization can seem daunting. When choosing a specialization within your degree program, try to view it as an opportunity to tailor your courses to your specific interests and needs. One of the reasons specializations exist is to help students develop skill sets and knowledge more directly focused on their intended career paths, so choosing one relevant to your professional goals can be a big help once you enter the job market.

What is a Specialization and Why is it Important?
While there are core goals degree programs need to fulfill for all students, this doesn’t necessarily mean all students should have the exact same experience. Your experience pursuing your degree, from the specific courses you take to the networking and connections you make with faculty and other students, should be specifically tailored to your professional interests and career goals whenever possible. One of the ways to help ensure your coursework creates a strong foundation for your career path is to choose a specialization that focuses on the business field and type(s) of jobs you want to pursue.

Available Business Degree Specializations
Some common business degree specializations students can choose from include:
Forensic Accounting
Healthcare Management
Human Resource Management
Operations Management
Project Management
Technology Management

As you think through your options, remember to consult family, friends and those in your professional network.

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