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Is an MBA essential to upward mobility in business?

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Some see an MBA as a critical building block to greater career success; others might see it as just another piece of paper to hang on the wall. What’s the real story? Like any degree, an MBA is what you make out of it, says Dr. Michelle Bradford, a professor at DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management.

“Graduate students are not only learning course content, they’re learning to collaborate, to be leaders,” Bradford says. “At the same time they’re being prepared for the latest technological advances of the workforce, they’re also learning how to communicate it in a way that gives them confidence.”

Success Factors
Attaining an MBA can be a valuable learning experience, and some positions are just plain unavailable to you without it. That’s why many believe an MBA can be critical to upward mobility in the workplace.

According to the Recruiting Trends 2017-2018 report, published by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University, the market for new hires with MBA degrees is strong, especially with larger companies. “All advanced degree levels will experience growth in job opportunities this year,” the report states. “Both MBA and Master’s degree hires will continue to experience solid growth in opportunities, increasing 22 percent and 10 percent, respectively….and the largest companies expect to hire more MBAs than last year, up 36 percent.”

Choose Your Path
Dr. Bradford sees a host of practical and higher-level benefits to pursuing an MBA.

“I think studying for any advanced degree heightens students’ awareness, critical thinking, analytical interpretation, and gives them a deeper understanding of the information at a much higher level than is true with a bachelor’s degree,” she says. “It’s about being amongst like-minded leaders who bring a lot to the table and want to continuously grow professionally. They’re very driven and that makes the learning experience incredibly exciting.”

With a Ph.D. in organizational psychology, Dr. Bradford teaches courses focused on helping students understand the value of information within an organization. “We take a lot of the theories out there and apply to how systems work and how leaders and individuals interact within an organization. We help them understand the framework so they can be more effective managers and leaders.” In the end, each individual must decide for themselves whether an MBA can help advance their career and enrich them personally.

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