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Meet YOUR Needs as a Nurse with Self-Care

Provided by Grand Canyon University

When your profession requires you to care for others, caring for yourself can take a backseat. Nursing is rigorous, but rewarding—and prioritizing your own health helps you manage the demands of your job, while not losing your passion. By replenishing a self-care deficit, you can prevent fatigue, burnout, errors at work and other negative effects on your well-being.

Here are tips and ideas to keep you personally centered and professionally motivated, so you can serve others to the best of your abilities. Self-care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!

Stay Balanced
Another day is another opportunity to develop healthy habits that promote wellness in your life and restore balance at work, home and everywhere in between. Has your health slipped away from you? Make the commitment to give yourself that deserved self-care reboot right now. It’s better to be proactive and practice self-care regularly, than to hit rock bottom and get lost in the chaos before making a change becomes critical.

Avoid Burnout!
Working long hours, being on your feet all day and not taking time for yourself can eventually lead to burnout. Reminder! These tips can help you manage stress:

• Get eight hours of sleep
• Rest and care for your mental health (yoga, meditation, journaling etc.)
• Get moving and exercise
• Avoid overcommitting – it’s OK to say no
• Ask for help from your support system
• Dedicate time to doing the things you enjoy

Part of avoiding burnout is doing what YOU want guilt-free, and making personal pleasure a priority. If you don’t put yourself first sometimes, you won’t be able to perform well in all of your roles, from work to your personal life.

Rediscover Your Why
Taking time for personal enjoyment may lead you to set a new goal for a better future or different career path. Career advancement or a career shift in health care can renew your passion for helping others. Deepening your knowledge within a specialty, learning new skills and gaining a new perspective has the power to refresh your professional life, so you can remember your first “why” for becoming a health care professional.

Explore an Exciting New Path
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