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Edcor Newsletter April 2024

Edcor Newsletter
April 2024


Turning your Education Benefits Portfolio from Good to Great

Education benefits have been historically popular for the high ROI (return on investment) they provide on the retention and recruitment front; upskilling being the cherry on the cake. These benefits lead to employee engagement through professional development and make the benefits package competitive. But, there is a difference between a good education benefits program and a great one. 

Are you ready to hear it? Drumroll please – it’s simply to be ‘holistic’ with the offerings. While I understand that it’s not feasible to offer something to everyone, the business goal should be to have a program that caters to the varying needs of individuals in all stages of their careers. Let me explain this further while highlighting a few discerning factors contributing to the success of these programs.

In my years interacting with a multitude of clients, I have seen good leaders and I have seen some exceptional ones. A couple of qualities that have always stood out in the exceptional ones – humility and the drive to do good for the long-term success of their organizations. These leaders are always keen to learn what more can they do to build a stellar team that can deliver results for their collective success. They realize that good pay, health care benefits, and a nurturing workplace can only go so far. What it takes to retain a star performer and build loyalty is deeply anchored in the hierarchical needs of an individual to reach their highest potential while maximizing mental and financial well-being. Education benefits come into play in catering to these needs. While Tuition Assistance is a must-have, adding Student Loan Repayment Assistance and Workplace Scholarships makes the education benefits portfolio rock solid.  However, this buy-in and thought process needs to trickle top-down and not the other way around, emphasizing the importance of leadership commitment to these programs.

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Edcor has a diverse client portfolio and understands clients from all industries equally well, but Healthcare is special. Healthcare is an industry that faces unique challenges and therefore operates very differently compared to most others. 

Given that Healthcare is a niche at Edcor, we participated in the ASHHRA (American Society for Healthcare Human Resource Administration) conference again this year to connect with partners and professionals in this industry. It would be an understatement to say that the positive feedback and response from everyone was overwhelming. I’m so glad that Edcor has made its mark in making the lives of HR professionals in the Healthcare industry easy, and they see tangible benefits in our offerings and advice.  

We would welcome your recommendations to any other Healthcare provider who you think will benefit from our free-of-cost and no-commitment consultation to take their Ed-benefits portfolio from Good to Great.  

Let’s future together!  

Adrienne L. Way, Edcor Owner, President, and CEO


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