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Edcor Newsletter August 2022

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August 2022



Are you leaving money on the table?

For most working professionals going back to school is a tough decision because it involves rearranging your life, giving up your free time, and has financial implications too. If finances are standing in the way of fulfilling your dreams, I hope you know that the financial impact can be minimized with the help of your employer’s Tuition reimbursement benefits and partner school network discounts. The majority of the Fortune 1000 American employers now offer educational benefits in some form. Also, chances are that your employer works with a third-party education benefits administrator, who has a school network that offers additional tuition discounts.

What are the benefits of the school network?

The Edcor school network comprises cherry-picked schools of high repute and brand value, with regional and nation accreditations. All our school partners are aware of the impediments faced by adult learners and have learning and pedagogical pathways that suit the needs of the modern working professional who struggles to juggle work and life. Moreover, we supplement our school network with our Academic Advising services that are purely learner-centric and help in course completion keeping each learner’s unique journey in focus.
Edcor promotes schools in an unbiased and agnostic fashion and facilitates participation based on clients’ and employees’ learning needs only.  Since there’s no monetary incentive behind which school the learner utilizes, the focus is purely on the learner’s needs. Moreover, our school network partners extend discounts on tuition and Debt-free degrees to learners to remove the financial barriers to going back to school.

Read about Student Loan Repayment Assistance and Download our whitepaper on Three-Pronged Strategy to Resolve the Student Loan Crisis in America

“Who is Edcor”: this question has been posed in different shapes and forms to me since the time I took reigns as the CEO and Owner.

When business leaders ask me this question, they do not want to know about Edcor’s history or services, they already have that information. What they really want to know is about the evolving landscape of business operations at Edcor, the ethos and values systems that we embody, and what’s unique about us. They want to know if we can understand their workforce management needs or motivations behind including Education benefits in the employee-benefits portfolio. I hope to answer some of these questions in the lines below; already knowing that we’ll be bigger, stronger, and better even before this reaches the intended audience because that’s the pace at which progress happens at Edcor. 

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Adrienne L. Way, Edcor Owner, President, and CEO


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