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Edcor Newsletter August 2023

Edcor Newsletter
August 2023


Upskilling with Graduate Certificates: The Edge You Need to Fill Skill Gaps

Staying competitive in today’s fast-changing job market is a bigger need than it ever was, making upskilling a critical aspect of ongoing career development. Upskilling, simply defined as updating or learning new skills for your current or upcoming role, can take many shapes and forms based on the unique needs of the learner or groups in your organization. For some, this may be in the form of traditional degrees, and for others short-term courses like certificate degrees or certifications. Most American corporates recognize the importance of upskilling, and many provide tuition assistance (TA) covering graduate or undergraduate programs. However, the need of the hour is to expand the TA policies to be holistic and cover graduate certificates and certifications. 

Let’s focus on Graduate Certificates and why organizations should cover them under their tuition assistance policies. 

What is a Graduate Certificate?
A graduate certificate is a short-term academic program that helps develop skills and knowledge in a specific field. They are short-term learning solutions with a rigorous, focused curriculum that covers the most significant parts of the designated topic. Graduate certificates are especially useful for individuals who have completed their bachelor’s degree and are looking to further specialize or advance in a chosen field or even build a foundation for their master’s degree. 

Covering graduate certification programs under the tuition assistance policy is a win-win for both the organizations and employees. These Grad certs enable employees to gain specialized knowledge and skills in a shorter period of time, which directly contribute to organizational success coupled with attracting, engaging, and retaining high potential employees.

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I am really appreciative and overwhelmed by the positive response to the News At Glance video on Edcor’s social media handles. Thank you for following Edcor and reaching out to learn more about the Edcor Critical Pathways. 

After engaging with a group of HR thought leaders about the emerging needs of businesses, we learned that while corporates provide educational benefits to set up their employees on a path to success, there is a growing need for guided pathways that define what this success looks like for select groups or individuals who are being prepped for their next role within the organization. While HR is really good with identifying workforce development and management goals they need their HR partners, like Edcor, to provide defined solutions that will ensure that their employees are on the right growth trajectory. 

To this end, Edcor has designed another value-added solution called the Edcor Critical Pathways to cater to the workforce development needs of organizations keeping in mind the critical junctures in each working professional’s career trajectory. Click on Read More for details.  

Let’s future together!  

Adrienne L. Way, Edcor Owner, President, and CEO


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