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Edcor Newsletter January 2024

Edcor Newsletter
January 2024


Are you leaving money on the table?

For most working professionals going back to school is a tough decision because it involves rearranging your life, giving up your free time, and has financial implications too. If finances are standing in the way of fulfilling your dreams, I hope you know that the financial impact can be minimized with the help of your employer’s Tuition reimbursement benefits and partner school network discounts. The majority of Fortune 1000 American employers now offer educational benefits in some form. Also, chances are that your employer works with a third-party education benefits administrator, who has a school network that offers additional tuition discounts.

It’s that time of the year again when most of your education benefit limits reset and are available for you to utilize. Make sure you stay at the top of the game and maximize the benefits offered by your employer and the Edcor School Network. One of the most effective ways to do this is by checking out the Digital bulletin board on the Homepage of your benefits site. You can easily access this information by logging on to your Edcor benefits site with your credentials. 

Asking your employer about the education benefits they offer, and learning more about the policies around these benefits can tremendously alleviate the financial impact of higher education. Moreover, knowing details about your third-party education benefits administrator and their school network helps further reduce tuition costs. The benefits are far stretched. With this network of schools, you can receive anywhere between 5 – 40% in tuition reduction which can practically lead to zero out-of-pocket cost degrees. What more? Some of them even offer dependent discounts. So the next time you enroll for a course, ask about partner school network discounts. Don’t leave money on the table!

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On behalf of the Edcor family, I wish you the very best of everything the New year can bring.

Our focus is not just on how great Edcor is performing but also on providing information on the education industry and benchmarking trends to keep you – our Clients – competitive with your education benefit policies and programs. This year, one of the pivotal moments in business across the globe will be about harnessing the power of generative AI as its impact continues to grow. Along with AI, the field of education continues to grow and evolve. The future workplace will transform into a ‘learnplace’. We are ready and want to provide you with the knowledge and tools to lead with strength. Edcor plays a consultative role and brings to the table cutting-edge research and information on building a better future for your workforce through education.

In 2024, with a renewed commitment to excellence, we will continue to deliver the service experiences that you appreciate and expect from us, placing you at the center of all that we do. We remain confident in the long-term future of Edcor, that through safe and sound business practices, and our indomitable spirit, we will continue to shine and grow stronger than ever on our journey to become America’s most loved Education Benefits Administrator.

Let’s future together!  

Adrienne L. Way, Edcor Owner, President, and CEO


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