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Edcor Newsletter June 2022

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June 2022


Hybrid work is a fluid strategy in workforce management

Amid the uncertainty of the times we live in, one thing is for sure we are not the same people who went home from our offices in March of 2020.  The past two years have upended the way we work, the way we perceive work, and the way we hope our work would be designed in the future. While Hybrid work locations have become a reality in the evolving landscape of the present workforce; remote and full-time in-person work are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Nonetheless, there are organizations that are functioning at their best with either one or a combination thereof depending on what suits their culture and growth the best. Yet again, proving that there’s no one-size fits all solution for managing a Hybrid workforce.  

The past 9 months, since my last post on Successful Management of a Hybrid Work Culture, have unraveled the same fact over and over again: that managing the current workforce – Hybrid or not – is a fluid strategy with moving goal posts and shifting short- and long-term priorities. There are multiple novel factors that HR is up against as we continue to forge ahead including the Covid-19 variants, the Great Resignation also being called the Great Reshuffle, evolved expectations of the workforce called the Great Expectations, ever-rising fuel costs, and 40-year high inflation. Never before in the history of work have so many forces come into play at the same time. Unsurprisingly, these challenges affect each industry differently. What works for an organization may backfire for another. Consequently, we cannot have cookie-cutter solutions that work for everyone or the majority even. The HR community has a lot to learn from the trends and each other’s experiences but ultimately must devise their own roadmap considering the unique needs of their company and workforce. 

The number one reason why working professionals chose to go back to school is for career advancement and better financial opportunities, according to a Gallup study. Imagine being under so much pressure already, and add to it the ambiguity about credits, courses, and colleges. Overwhelming, isn’t it?

The solution is Academic Advising. It targets the core elements of a learner’s success: right from choosing a suitable school, credits building, credits transfers, setting academic goals based on career interests, developing an academic plan, to staying on track to achieve those academic goals. The significance of Academic Advising is compounded for working adult learners who don’t have the bandwidth to navigate through heaps of information while balancing the act between their personal and professional lives.

With a clear understanding of the impediments faced by Adult learners, Edcor has put in place a fail-safe support structure for all Learners.

For details about our unique offerings and their benefits to your organization, click on Read More.

Adrienne L. Way, Edcor Owner, President, and CEO


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