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Edcor Newsletter June 2023

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June 2023


How can HR help employees with Some College, No Credential?

Almost every state in America (45) has the goal to raise postsecondary education attainment. Yet, according to a report by Nation Student Clearinghouse Research Center, the Some College, No Credential (SCNC) student population in the U.S. is a whopping 40.4 million.   While it may be well known that college enrollments pivoted to their lowest point during the pandemic, it’s appalling that we’ve added 1.4 million SCNC students between the years 2020 and 2021 –  a 3.6 percent rise from 39.0 million compared to the previous year. Further, the Gallup study on The State of Higher Education 2023 highlighted some key findings after studying thousands of Americans who started their postsecondary educational journey but never reenrolled or completed it. The study was carried out on working adults in the age range of 25 to 59 years and therefore insightful for corporates. 

The unenrolled learners (55%) cite financial barriers and the rising cost of education as the most significant barrier, affordability due to inflation (45%), and difficulties in managing time for academic pursuits and work (38%) follow closely. Some other factors such as caregiver responsibilities, not knowing what to do, inadequate preparation, and mental or physical health issues were also cited as barriers to enrollment. Additionally, we have found that summer is a time when enrollments fall significantly among working adults. As always instead of dwelling on the problem, we want to throw light on the solutions. So, what can corporates do to help these SCNC learners? 

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Edcor has one of the highest rates of course completion in the industry. With our Academic Advising and School Network, we enable client employees to reach their goals in the shortest possible time.

The annual SHRM conference was in Las Vegas this year, and I am glad to let you know that after 3 years of virtual attendance during the pandemic, my team and I finally made it to the in-person conference. 

Attending SHRM is beneficial in more ways than one for businesses across the U.S. as it helps one remain on top of the game with the latest HR technologies, contemporary workplace issues, and compliance requirements. The curated content of the sessions helped our team select the most valuable ones for a deep dive. The icing on the cake was the networking sessions that help advance organizational goals by establishing connections with industry experts and solution partners. Edcor had many valuable interactions with corporates and academia. We received wonderful feedback on our services from Clients who participated in the conference, and many participating school network partners praised our passion for education, focus on course completion, and the freedom of choice that we provide to learners. 

The Edcor team has come back full of ideas to take back to our vision board to serve clients and partners better. 

Let’s future together!  

Adrienne L. Way, Edcor Owner, President, and CEO


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