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Edcor Newsletter November 2022

Edcor Newsletter
November 2022


Underutilized to Optimized: A guide to maximizing usage of Education Benefits

Statistics show that American employers spend around $180 B annually on upskilling programs, out of which a significant chunk is towards tuition assistance. Even though more than 75% of the American workforce is interested in upskilling programs, only 40% know about their employer’s tuition assistance programs, 25% of interested employees start their application, and a mere 2 – 4% of employees participate in these programs. Makes one cringe and delve into a root-cause analysis to fix the problem, doesn’t it?

The more you read on the topic of underutilization of education benefits the more it will become clear that even though there are tons of statistics on problem definition, there aren’t many concrete solutions provided. Until now, that is. It was time to look at Edcor’s learnings and experience from the past 41 years, and present solutions that Corporate America at large could finally use to enhance program uptake. That’s exactly what we will be doing with our latest white paper on the topic. 

Download the whitepaper here.

“Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Be it donating to charities or volunteering time to organizations, giving is the glue that holds the community together. Although there are people who donate millions and volunteer for months to serve the underprivileged, what really counts is the intent. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big gesture – every small step in that direction helps.

Volunteering for organizations can help build valuable skills that you can then implement in your career. It’s a great way to break away from the routine and do something that you are passionate about or you like doing. Research has even shown that people who volunteer or give to charities live longer than those who don’t.

At Edcor, we have always supported local communities and organizations through our service and contributions. This year too – in our own little ways – we made a difference by supporting local charities and giving paid time off to employees who wanted to volunteer for a cause of their choice. 
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Adrienne L. Way, Edcor Owner, President, and CEO


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