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It’s Never Too Late to Earn Your College Degree

There are many reasons that often come up that are hindering you from pursuing your dream of going back to school. How will you fit your education into your busy schedule? How will you afford the tuition? And how will you get back into the school mindset?

Addressing these issues and eliminating concerns are key elements to succeeding as an adult student. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 80 percent of adults who go back to school graduate with a degree as opposed to the 50 percent of students who attend college directly following high school.

Fitting college into your schedule is made easier by taking online classes. Attending class on campus can be inconvenient when you are juggling your work and or family obligations. StraighterLine is especially helpful for adults who need a way to complete college courses that fit within their work schedule. With StraighterLine there are no set due dates or deadlines, the amount of time it takes you to complete an online course is completely up to your discretion.


StraighterLine overs online college courses in Business, Math, Science, English, Humanities and Language. StraighterLine’s courses also transfer into accredited degree programs at colleges and universities including: University of Phoenix, Liberty University, UMUC, AIU, Ashford University, Argosy University, Excelsior College, New England College of Business and Finance, CSU-Global, Capella University, and Kaplan University. Completing your general education courses with StraighterLine is a great place to start before moving into a degree program.

Amassing the funds to return to college can also be vexing, but affordable options are available. With programs starting at $99 a month, StraighterLine offers a variety of affordable payment plans. Edcor also offers all members a discount equivalent to a free course with StraighterLine.

If you are thinking that not obtaining your college degree won’t make a difference – think again. For the average family, there is a huge income gap between those with and those without a college degree. In fact, as recently as 2010, families headed by a 4-year college graduate earned a median family income of $99,716 — more than twice the median income for families headed by a high-school graduate. Clearly, it pays to get a college degree.

The benefits of receiving your college degree as an adult far outweigh any uneasiness you may be experiencing. With an assortment of opportunities to choose from, there are programs perfect for your lifestyle. The sooner you get started, the closer you are to making your dreams a reality.

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