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Online Master’s in Additive Manufacturing and Design Inspires Innovation

Provided by Penn State World Campus

Additive Manufacturing and Design (AMD) lies at the intersection of several engineering fields, inspiring technological innovations and re-thinking solutions for manufacturing. To capitalize on this, the Online Master’s in Additive Manufacturing and Design Masters’ Program (AMD) at Penn State World Campus integrates coursework across multiple departments, including the Departments of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering; Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering; Engineering Science and Mechanics; School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs; and Materials Science and Engineering; and across two colleges — the College of Engineering and the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.

As additive manufacturing continues to redefine how objects are created, industries as varied as health care and consumer goods are beginning to harness its power. “One of the great things about it is design freedom,” says Rakshith Badarinath, the program’s first graduate. “You can model anything in your software and produce it. The technology is definitely going to grow even more in the coming years.”

He added that AM offers many attractive opportunities for trained engineers. These can include light weighting of parts, creating complex internal structures, and consolidating assemblies into a single part. “It’s common for engineers to think in certain ways depending on their background and concentration,” he says. “But with this AMD degree, you’re at the intersection of many disciplines and can get a comprehensive picture of the issues in the field. This will help analyze the process and troubleshoot problems more easily.”

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