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Edcor Launches Critical Pathways to Drive Workforce Development


Edcor Launches Critical Pathways to Drive Workforce Development

Value-added solution meets organizational needs for workforce development while addressing critical career junctures for professionals

Media Contact: Joseph Ranck, FireStarters Marketing 248.425.0409; jranck@firestartersmarketing.com

Troy, Michigan September 20, 2023 — Edcor is announcing the launch of Edcor Critical Pathways, a comprehensive program designed to empower working professionals with the necessary education to succeed in their careers while aiding organizational workforce development.

This new initiative from Edcor, a leading provider of education benefits administration solutions, focuses on crucial growth paths in an individual’s career that require further education to drive momentum, and enables learners to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, Edcor Critical Pathways ensures the completion and transfer of learning back to the job, resulting in a higher return on investment for organizations. By offering a range of degree and short-term learning solutions, Edcor Critical Pathways targets constantly evolving fields, including Cybersecurity, Big Data and Data Analytics, Project Management, Business Management, General Management, Leadership, Information Technology, Nursing, and Allied Healthcare.

Each pathway is further broken down into a host of pre-populated programs, courses, and modules as a guide for organizations to improve the skills of groups as well as individuals.

“The Edcor Critical Pathways illuminates the journey of growth, where employees discover their potential and organizations foster unmatched talent,” said Adrienne Way, CEO, Edcor Data Services. “A symbiotic roadmap to success, it ensures the aspirations of individuals align with the visions of companies, creating a future where everyone thrives.

“One of the key differentiators of Edcor Critical Pathways is its collaboration with the renowned Edcor School Network and other esteemed education providers. These partners have successfully demonstrated their ability to align with the learning styles and needs of working adults, using exemplary academic strategies. As a result, many of the programs offered through the Critical Pathways can be completed in accelerated modes, ensuring minimal disruption to the professionals’ work schedules.”

Moreover, Edcor understands the financial concerns of organizations and their employees. Many of the degree programs offered come at zero cost to employees, courtesy of generous Tuition Assistance provided by employers and scholarships available through Edcor School Network partners. This further encourages professionals to pursue higher education while minimizing or eliminating the financial burden.

In addition to supporting individuals in their career advancement, Edcor Critical Pathways is also beneficial for organizations. It helps with workforce planning and building talent and leadership pipelines through learning and development making it a success story in every step. By investing in the education and upskilling of their employees, organizations can retain and engage their high-performing workforce, boosting overall productivity and helping to ensure long-term success.

For more information on Edcor Critical Pathways and how it can benefit your organization, please visit edcor.com or reach out to your Account Executive or contact us at solutions@edcor.com.

For more information, please contact:

Joseph Ranck, President, FireStarters Marketing
248-425-0409 | jranck@firestartersmarketing.com

Adrienne Way, CEO and Owner, Edcor
248-530-4271 | away@edcor.com

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