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Seven Reasons Why You Should Earn a Degree in Cyber Security

By Lindsay Maynard, Digital Marketing Specialist, Colorado Christian University

Are you interested in switching up your career? If so, there’s an industry that is scouting educated professionals ready for an exciting challenge. The field of cyber security has been around for years, however, it’s in demand now more than ever before. Large companies and small businesses are in need of extra protection to ensure they aren’t hacked by cyber criminals.

With the right education, you can be prepared to work in cyber defense, cyber offense, cyber policy, cyber criminology, or general cyber security. You can learn how to protect the company you work for while also understanding how to best protect your personal digital assets and private information. Do you have what it takes?

Seven reasons to earn a degree in cyber security:

The demand is high.
Even though cyber security isn’t anything new, more and more companies are becoming victims of hacking and cyber crime. Since online criminals are getting better at hacking some of the world’s top companies, it’s a scary time for businesses and their customers. This is where cyber security professionals come in. They can introduce and reinforce strategies that will protect against these digital invasions.

It’ll give you the opportunity to learn something new.
Whether you’re bored in your current role, you have recently acquired some time to invest in education, or you are always looking for a way to grow professionally, an online degree in cyber security could be what you’re searching for. Learn the basics of cyber security along with advanced practices. Put into practice what you’ve learned, and get prepared to use this new knowledge for a career that gives back.

The competition is relatively low…for now.

Degree programs for cyber security are fairly fresh, which means there aren’t a lot of people with the right education and/or experience for the job. This gives you an advantage, because you can jump in now, get that required education, and hop into the demanding cyber security job market. Now is the perfect time to enroll for a cyber security program.

You can use this degree within multiple industries.
With a cyber security degree, you could land a job working for the government, but you could also work for a large company in need of an advocate for keeping their digital presence safe. You might find a job in cyber security at an online retailer, a large bank, a cryptocurrency platform, or a university. Many different kinds of companies are in need of cyber security professionals, whether the company is a startup or Fortune 500.

The salary potential is promising.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2017 median pay for someone who works in information security, also known as cyber security, is $95,510. And that salary is estimated for someone with a bachelor’s degree and less than five years of experience. Imagine if you earned a master’s in cyber security. Because of the importance and pressure for this kind of digital protection, there is a lot of potential for a high salary, depending on your education, experience, and the city you work in.

The job outlook will keep growing.
Even though it can be stressful to earn a degree as an adult, a degree in cyber security will potentially give you job security for the rest of your career. The field of cyber security isn’t going anywhere, since the Internet will be around for probably the rest of time, which means that hackers and cyber criminals will be too.

There are several cyber security degree options.
One way to stand out among the small group of cyber security professionals is by earning a cyber security master’s degree. In this online cyber program, you’ll learn about things like digital forensics, cyber criminology, security policy, cyber entrepreneurship or leadership, cyber defense/offense, and cyber architecture. CCU’s Master of Science in Cyber Security is 30 credit hours, and you can finish this master’s degree in as little as 15 months. CCU also offers four online certificates in cyber security: Cyber Criminology Certification, href=””>Cyber Defense Certification, Cyber Offense Certification, and Cyber Policy Certification.