Seven Study Apps to Help Successfully Manage Schoolwork

By Anna Krelovich Special Contributor, Online Learning Tips, American Public University System

Being a busy student can be tough. Work, school and family activities can feel overwhelming sometimes. However, smartphone study apps are a great help during hectic times. You can use your phone to get in five minutes of studying as you wait for a doctor’s appointment or do your assigned reading on the bus home.

Here are seven study apps you can use for studying despite your busy schedule:
1. Quizlet: Quizlet is a simple flashcard app that is easy to use and understand. You create your own flashcard sets or use a set found in the app for quick studying. Different games make studying fun, and the ability to create classes means you and your classmates can collaborate before an exam.

2. Google Calendar: Google Calendar is a scheduling app that links to your Google account. You can easily enter the times you’re working, in class or meeting with your friends to find windows of time to study. Color-coding mechanisms and phone notifications help you organize and maintain a regular schedule.

3.Forest: Forest is an app that’s perfect for anyone who procrastinates and has a heavy workload. Forest sets a timer and plants a tree. If you leave the app during that time, the tree dies.

But if you stay focused and avoid other activities on the phone, the tree stays alive. For every tree you keep alive, another tree is added to your personal forest and Forest plants a real tree in a location they choose.

4. Duolingo: Duolingo is an uncomplicated language-learning app featuring over 20 different languages. Traditional classroom techniques are replaced by fun games and immersive conversations that don’t feel like a chore. These games and conversations can be easily squeezed into any 10-minute window.

5. RefMe: RefMe is a free bibliography app that will quickly create citations for you. Just scan the barcode associated with a book’s International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and the app will quickly create a citation in any format you need for your upcoming paper.

6. Todoist: Todoist is the ultimate to-do list app. You can manage all of your tasks at once and keep track of deadlines. You can even share tasks with others to ensure accountability and productivity.

7. Documents: Documents is a streamlined app that is compatible with almost any file service. This app allows you to keep track of word documents, PDF files, e-books and more, all in one place. Documents lets you write a paper, read a textbook or annotate an article all from your phone, making it especially useful for any busy student.

It can be difficult to focus on schoolwork when you feel overwhelmed by busy days. Make sure to utilize all your resources, including study apps, to increase your organization and make your life feel less hectic.

But remember to always prioritize your health. If you are still having trouble balancing your busy schedule with schoolwork, contact your instructor to discuss your dilemma.

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