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Stay Digital with e-textbooks

Provided by Columbia College

We operate in a digital world. We read online news rather than subscribing to multiple newspapers. We send co-workers emails, not handwritten notes. We stay in touch with friends through text messaging, not mailed letters. So why are adult college students still lugging around heavy textbooks?

Enter e-textbooks. In addition to fitting into your already-digital routine, e-textbooks have several advantages.

They’re current. Traditional books quickly become outdated as scientists make new discoveries, laws go in and out of effect and industries update their standards. E-books can be easily updated to reflect those changes, ensuring students have the most relevant and current information.

They’re interactive. Sure, you can mark all over that $200 book you purchased, but you may have a difficult time selling it when semester ends and you no longer need it. With an e-textbook you can use the highlight feature to note key material, search for specific terms, incorporate digital notes and copy and paste sections you want to reference. And they can be converted to audio files. Want to study during your morning commute? Go for it.

They’re environmentally friendly. No trees were injured in the creation of your digital textbook.

They’re affordable. Pricey printing costs are reflected on the sticker of that 500-page text. E-books are typically a fraction of the cost of traditional textbooks.

And at Columbia College, those e-books are included with tuition. Part of the college’s Truition initiative—which allows students to budget for college without hidden fees—e-books are provided to students at no charge. So if you’re thinking about returning to college, ask about class materials. If bulky, expensive textbooks are mandatory, you’ll need to factor in the costs and logistics. Better yet, stay digital and leave weightlifting for the gym. Learn more at