Tips to Succeed in Your Online Degree Program

Provided by Grand Canyon University

Once you’ve made the decision to enroll in an online degree program, it’s important to establish a weekly schedule and solid study habits to ensure you stay on track and optimize your learning. Here are a few tips to help you succeed in earning your degree online.

Online Platform
Every university uses a different online platform. Therefore, it’s best to become familiar with your school’s platform—how do you reach out for support? Where can you ask questions? Are there forums to discuss topics and assignments with other classmates? How do you submit assignments? If a virtual tour is offered, take it—use whatever means are available!

Create a Schedule
To stay organized, create a weekly schedule that balances all your tasks: work, class time, homework, personal time and other miscellaneous items. Although this step may seem mundane, it is pivotal to turning in assignments on time, establishing a balance among work, school and play, and overall time management.

Establish Healthy Study Habits
In addition to creating a schedule, establishing solid, healthy study habits will ensure you retain the materials covered in your courses and will prepare you to do well on homework assignments and exams. Tap into study groups, tutors, forums and other resources to help you stay on top of your assignments.

At-Home Workspace
Finally, it’s important to create a workspace that’s designated for schoolwork and free of distractions. Whether your workspace is a coffee shop or a desk in your home, make sure it supports your study methods.

Enrolling in an online degree program is an exciting decision! If you’re still on the hunt for an online degree program that fits your needs, Grand Canyon University offers 100 percent online degree programs through its flexible and innovative online platform where students are offered ample support to optimize success. Visit gcu.edu/Edcor today for more information.

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