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Unique Education-related Careers Offer Options

Provided by Northcentral University

When one says they are an “education student,” most people assume that their final destination is the classroom. While many in the field of education do seek to lead a classroom one day, this isn’t always the case, especially given the variety of degrees and career paths open to education-minded students.

If you love education, but want to explore the possibility of a rewarding career beyond the classroom, these alternative paths might be right for you.

Textbook writing and editing: Contributing to textbook creation is an interesting way to combine a love of writing with education. You could write books independently or work for a publisher that develops textbooks and other learning materials. Roles related to this career path might include acting as a contributing author, fact checker, consulting subject matter expert or editor.

Curriculum development: There are many ways to impact education, including developing curriculum for the classroom. This career path is especially suited to those with an interest in instructional design or specialized knowledge in any given subject area. Curriculum development is utilized at all levels of learning, including training programs outside the traditional education system like professional training and development.

Corporate trainer: If you love teaching, but aren’t sure you want to work in a traditional school setting, this path might be right for you. Teaching adults allows you to cover diverse topics and work in a more corporate environment. This type of work may include developing and implementing training programs for new employees, continuing education programs or enrichment programs. Working in this field might include working directly for a company or as an independent consultant.

Online teacher: Not every teacher has a classroom. While this is still a teaching job, your classroom is virtual, which offers you more flexibility. This is a great option for those who love teaching, technology and freedom. Online teaching can be done at many levels, from elementary through the post-secondary level. The virtual environment is also utilized for corporate training, workshops and seminars.

Northcentral University offers a range of degrees for education-minded students, including a newly launched Instructional Design degree program. To learn more about this, and other degree options, please visit www.ncu.edu/edcor.